Why an Executive MBA from BIMTECH May Be the Right Choice for You

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Why an Executive MBA from BIMTECH May Be the Right Choice for You

Having a specialised degree is always an advantage, especially when you are looking for a job. It gives you an upper hand and creates a better future pathway of growth. In this regard, MBA is a degree that can create more opportunities for you and help you reach your career goals.

Now, there are multiple streams of MBA that you can pursue, and there are various colleges and universities that offer such courses. But, considering the current scenario, completing your degree in the field where you can become a Fintech professional seems an informed decision.

With Fintech being the next big thing, a postgraduate diploma in Fintech can help you push your career further. So, learn where to complete it from.

Where to get the Executive MBA in Fintech from?

Now, there are many colleges to complete your Executive MBA from, and one of the leading ones is BIMTECH. The Birla Institute of Management Technology in Greater Noida offers multiple courses, and a fintech MBA is one of the most popular ones. 

So, here are some reasons why you should get a BIMTECH Executive MBA degree –

  • Unique specialisation

In partnership with Imarticus Learning, BIMTECH offers a unique and advanced curriculum. It offers in-detailed AI, Fintech, Data Science and Big Data Processing solutions along with blockchain and NBFCs. It is taught by veteran faculty who have also spent time in the industry, and you get to learn all the intricacies of the following sectors that are mentioned above.

  • BIMTECH has a coveted alumni status in the country

BIMTECH gives you a shot at obtaining your management diploma from one of the most coveted business schools in India. Not only that, BIMTECH has a 60-year-old legacy as it is a part of the reputed Birla family. The Birla family has also established BITS, Pilani and BIT Mesra. Apart from that, the BIMTECH alumni status will offer various benefits because of student networking. You will be connected to the top and the most potential employers from all over the world.

  • Live learning makes education convenient

The classes are conducted online so students can join from across the country. Moreover, the LMS on which the live sessions are conducted is quite easy and interactive to use. These live class sessions enable the students to comprehend important concepts in AI, Data Science and Fintech. 

Additionally, with industry experts taking classes for your postgraduate diploma in Fintech, you will get exposure to practical knowledge as well as learn from their experience. They will share practical test cases where they tell students how to approach specific problems in the industry. Students also gain access to various industry-specific courses and capstone projects.

  • Students get professional benefits from the industry tie-ups of BIMTECH

Students get course material support from BIMTECH's syllabi research team. The faculty and mentors help students to get the necessary professional expertise. These are those industry-specific skills that will help them stabilise their position in the market as well as help their clients better. Students will also be on top of their game with the help they get from technology partners — Imarticus and BIMTECH. In addition, companies like Capgemini, JP Morgan, HSBC, Citibank and other enterprises help you stay updated with various developments in the fields mentioned previously.

  • Committed career support

Imarticus and BIMTECH offer various career services that help students to stand out from the crowd. These career support services provide the assistance required for the student's profile enhancement. You get resume development, interview preparation workshops (where you get to prepare with the help of mock interviews) and one-on-one career counselling, which will help you get clarity over your career to prepare you for new-age industry practices. You can accelerate your career progress with the help of your mentor.

To sum up, Imarticus, in partnership with BIMTECH, offers a global standard of management education for students who want to advance in the field of AI, Data Science and Fintech. Get the best postgraduate diploma in Fintech from the best new-age institute in India and spin some excellence in your career. 

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