Landing an internship in full stack development with Imarticus

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Landing an internship in full stack development with Imarticus

Full-stack development has emerged as a standout career option in recent years. As the IT sector progresses forward, the need for professionals who can manage the front and back end of an application single-handedly is increasing substantially. 

So, it is only logical that you also take advantage of this opportunity to embark on a new career or make a career transition towards full-stack development. But how can Imarticus help you out? If you join us, not only do we train you, but we will also help you to land an internship in full-stack development with Imarticus.

The process of bagging an internship role

The entire process of getting an internship is very cumbersome if you do it all by yourself. Since this is the first step in your career, you need to join a company where you will get a chance to learn and gain the necessary experience.

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Imarticus assists you in this process by providing you with the required guidance to secure a place in a reputed company. The mentors at Imarticus have been a part of the industry, so they will help you to break the supposed glass ceiling and gain access to such reputed software companies by preparing you for the interviews.

However, all these will come into the discussion once you enrol and complete the course successfully. So, let’s take a look at the Full-stack development course from Imarticus.

Full stack developer training course with Imarticus

The Imarticus full-stack developer training course consists of all the latest technologies and development in the software industry. Here is a brief description and insight into the full-stack development course at Imarticus:

  • Data Structures and Algorithms: You get to learn all the aspects of competitive programming, the maths behind the programming, along with data structures and algorithms. 
  • Back-end development, Databases and DevOps: You get to use and gain experience in Java, Hibernate, Spring, Spring Boot, MVC, APIs, Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud for maintaining the backend of various software technology. There is also a Java full-stack developer course for Java enthusiasts. 
  • Front-end development: Get to learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and ReactJS and what is required to develop the UI/UX and related frontend technology of the web services and apps. 
  • Career services: Learn how you need to develop your resume according to the industry standard practices. You also get to give multiple mock interviews in an interview preparation workshop, along with all the necessary career mentoring.

An insight into an internship in full stack development with Imarticus  

The students that are eligible and trained at Imarticus are constantly assessed throughout the entire course. The assessments are graded, and the final grades are published after the completion of the program. Those students who meet the eligibility criteria for the placement or internship are given access to the exclusive placement platform, where you also see something called the job board. These have the best jobs and internship roles in the software industry. 

In some cases, the students get to showcase their skills to relevant employers and gain an internship or even a job. Moreover, the Imarticus career services team will guide you every step of the way.

Also, career drives are conducted at Imarticus. These are powered by Skillenza and are valid up to 6 months after the program’s completion. You will get a stipend according to industry standards if you bag an internship role.

Career services that help you land an internship role

Our career services guide and assist students in preparing for job opportunities by getting them guaranteed interview opportunities with our hiring partners to give them access to the best jobs. The industry mentors also help you in resume-building by redesigning your CV and helping you to develop the best job profile that will get you noticed by hiring managers of your dream companies.

They will also guide you to improve your profile with a GitHub project portfolio and Hackathon results that will make the employers stand up and take notice. Workshop classes will help you prepare for real interviews. Imarticus will help you prepare with all the necessary deliverables for bagging an internship role at a company of your preference.

To sum up, securing an internship in full-stack development with Imarticus can seem like a dream come true considering the assistance that you will receive. But, at the same time, keep in mind that completing this course will need your best efforts, as the grades you secure will play a part in deciding where you end up for your internship.

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