What Languages Should I Know To Be A Full Stack Developer?

Full Stack Development Course

What Languages Should I Know To Be A Full Stack Developer?

A full stack developer is someone who takes care of both the front-end and back-end of any application. The front-end is the part which the user interacts with while the back-end runs the logic, developer integration, servers, and systems engineering.

In order to be a good full stack developer, you need to have a formidable knowledge of a variety of skills and tools including programming languages. Any good full stack developer course will set aside a good portion of time and resources in order to familiarise yourself with these languages. Here are the top languages you must focus on.

  • JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the friendliest and most widespread languages used today. Most of the web’s most popular sites such as Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter use JS to provide their users with dynamic content. JavaScript is one of the most powerful languages used for front-end web development.

In addition to knowing the language, there are also many frameworks that work with JS in order to simplify the process of web development. These include Angular, React, Vue, and Ember, and you will need to be comfortable with more than one of these frameworks.

JavaScript is also used for back-end development through the Node.js framework. Node.js works well with Linux, Microsoft, Mac OS X, and Sun OS. These days it is impossible for software developers to work without having some knowledge of JS in some form.

  • Python

Python is fast becoming one of the most coveted skills in development due to its massive adaptability for complex projects. It is highly valued, particularly in science and data-driven fields. Python is one of the easiest languages to learn and is ideal for beginners. It has a wide range of applications, making it hugely versatile. You can focus on back-end development through frameworks like Django, which has been used for Mozilla, Instagram, and Spotify.

  • Swift

Swift was developed precisely to meet the demands of developing native iOS applications. If you are interested in Apple products and apps, then this is the language you should be focusing on. This language is fast, easy to debug, and streamlined which allows it to create native, high-performing, powerful native apps for iOS, Mac OS, and Linux apps.

  • Ruby

Ruby is one of the friendliest scripting languages due to its active and supportive developer community, which is why most beginners gravitate to Ruby. It has its own dedicated web application framework called Ruby on Rails which has been used by Airbnb, Bloomberg, and Twitter.

  • C#

C# is an object-driven language based on the same syntax as C language. It is the default language used when designing web applications and products for the Microsoft platforms. When used in conjunction with the Xamarin platform, you can create cross-platform apps that can release on both Apple and Android. C# is also one of the most popular languages used for VR development. It is used to build 2D and 3D video games for the VR interface.

While you can benefit significantly from a full stack developer course, it is imperative that you continue to develop your skills in these languages. They continue to grow and have more applications, and you must stay up to date.

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