What Full Stack Developers Do?

Full Stack Development Course

What Full Stack Developers Do?

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and begin the long journey of becoming a full stack developer. You will have to have some level of expertise on the front-end and back-end development of an application in order to be called a full stack developer. You will have to build a formidable skill set that might take years to master. Full stack developers have a passion for learning, and this cannot be taught in any full stack developer course.

We suggest that you start to pad your skill set as soon as you decide to get into full stack development as it can take several years before you have the right experience. While there are many full stack developer tutorials available online, we suggest that you continue working on these skills even after the course.

Since a full stack developer’s skill set grows horizontally, you can get started on several different skills at once.  However, we suggest you focus on the foundations first as it will have to be the strongest skills you have. Since you do not have to be an expert at the other skills, spend around a month on each of them before you move on to the next all the while continuing to explore what you have already learned.

As a basic path for web design stacks, we would suggest that you focus on HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, Node.js, Django, Veu.js, and Git in that order. Learning all these skills will increase your value as an employee while also allowing you to steer projects.

One of the most effective ways of learning all these skills is to learn by doing. While there is a wealth of knowledge to be learned in a full stack developer tutorial, there is nothing like learning when you are actually trying to execute a project. You will come across bugs and problems that you will have to figure out and in the process, you will learn the capabilities and tools of the different facets of full stack development. Take on small jobs, like developing a small website, in order to understand the depth and breadth of the project. Employers are looking for people who already know how to solve a problem, and having your own set of projects can showcase your abilities as no certificate can.

Another crucial element of becoming a full stack developer is to learn each part of the stack. Knowing three languages might sound great, but when those are all your skills, you will not be a valuable employee. Once you acquire knowledge on each part of the stack, continue to build your skills by exploring other options within the stack. This will give you flexibility when working on varied projects and will allow you to adapt to a new team or project quickly.

Becoming a full-stack developer is a matter of time, perseverance and passion. None of these qualities can be removed or substituted. You must also be prepared for a lifetime of learning as the landscape of technology keeps changing.

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