What is the Career Scope of Corporate Finance and Investment Banking?

When we talk about the field of corporate finance, we usually refer to that area of the finance industry, which generally focuses on all of the final decisions that are usually taken by corporations and the various tools and methods of analysis that actually go in the making, for these decisions.

The end goal of corporate finance ensures that a firm’s value is maximised while at the same time, any and all of its financial risks are reduced to a minimum.

The professionals working particularly in this field are like the captains of a cruise ship who are supposed to steer the ship, through any and every financial iceberg, ensuring a smooth sailing for their firm.

They are supposed to manage not just the financial capital of the firm but also decide the amount of money that their firm must invest, the percentage of profit that is supposed to be given back to the shareholders as well as take important decisions regarding the mergers and acquisitions of the firm.

There is a huge career scope for those aspirants interested in the corporate finance sector. They can be hired at many different positions like that of a Senior Financial Analyst, Financial Manager, Business Development Associate, Financial Analyst, Treasurer, Controller, and so on.

These professionals, as a part of their daily functions, are required to do a thorough analysis of business metrics and the financial results in order to help in the decision making processes in the future for the business.

All the financial leadership and aid that a company requires for its strategic development and in order to make important investment decisions, is provided by those working in the field of corporate finance.

Investment Banking jobs are generally offered in Investment Banks. This is one profession which is touted as the premier field when it comes to the financial industry. For one to foray into this profession as a career, an individual doesn’t just require the experience credentials, but also requires the prescribed educational credentials.

Getting a degree in the field of finance, economics, banking and even investment analysis proves to be quite helpful in furthering your career options.

Investment Banking positions in usually head honcho banks situated in cities like London or New York are quite competitive as much as they are financially rewarding. What investment banks usually do is that they raise money or capital for various other companies, by selling many debt or ownership instruments in the market.

These could be securities or shares which would be sold in debt or equity markets. It is the job of the Investment Banking professionals to help in the functioning of mergers and acquisitions as well as offering their services and advising various clients and perform financial analysis for the same.

There has been quite a lot of debate between the two fields of corporate finance and investment banking on the finance block these days. Regardless of whichever field you choose getting a professional certification will always increase your chances of getting that dream job. There are quite a few finance certification courses offered by institutes like Imarticus Learning that you can opt for these days.

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