What is derivatives in stock market?

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Before we delve deep into the discussion, it is important for us to understand what a derivative is. A derivative can be referred to as a financial instrument, the value derived from another asset's value. Derivatives can be traded in a number of result types, such as swaps, futures, and options. 

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Becoming a trader in the derivative market can offer you a great career option. This industry is highly dynamic and extremely fast-paced, which offers an exciting and challenging career option. This article will discuss what is derivative market, some of the perks of choosing a career in the derivatives market and how to get started with it. 

What are the Different Types of Derivatives?

Derivatives can be of different types and can be used for various reasons. Different types of derivatives can help in leveraging a position, speculation, and risk management. The most common types of derivatives are options, forwards, futures, and swaps. They are as discussed below:

  • Futures: This kind of derivative can be considered a pact between two parties who have agreed to purchase and deliver an asset at a price that has been agreed upon for a future date. 
  • Forwards: These can be considered similar to futures, but such contracts follow an over-the-counter trade procedure. The buyer and seller have the flexibility to customise the terms of the settlement, the size, and the procedure as well! A great deal of risk is associated with this kind of contract. 
  • Swap: As the name suggests, this kind of derivative is used to exchange or swap one cash flow for another. 
  • Options: This is akin to futures. Like futures, in this kind of derivative, two parties agree to purchase or sell an asset at some point in the future for a given price. However, what distinguishes it from futures is that in the case of options, there is no obligation with respect to exercising the agreement for purchase or sale. 

Benefits of Trading Derivatives

Derivatives can be put to use to meet a large number of requirements. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  • With the help of derivatives, you can earn money on the shares that have been lying idle for a long time. If there are price fluctuations, you can incorporate the use of derivatives to earn profit from them. With derivatives, you can conduct transactions without actually having to sell the shares. 
  • Derivative markets allow you to hedge against the price fall of shares that you have in your possession or a hike in the price of the shares which you might be planning to purchase. 
  • Risk transfer is another reason why investors resort to derivatives. If an investor is averse to risk, he can use derivatives to stay safe. On the other hand, investors who love taking risks (for instance, speculators) can improve their profits by conducting risky trades using derivatives. 

Why Should You Opt for a Career in Derivatives Markets 

A career in derivatives marketing is a lucrative option in modern times. Some of the benefits of working in the industry are as follows: 

  1. It is a dynamic industry where growth is extremely fast-paced. The industry is constantly evolving and requires traders to make quick decisions! It offers plenty of opportunities for advancement and growth. 
  2. It is a global industry which allows traders the freedom to work almost anywhere in the world. Traders can, therefore, enjoy the experience of working in different cultures with different sets of people. 
  3. The industry is highly lucrative, and traders can earn high bonuses and salaries. What can be better than an industry that will offer you a good environment to work in, along with rapid growth and great remuneration? 
  4. There is a lot of excitement associated with the derivative market. Anyone who wants to make quick money while gaining tons of experience will enjoy working in the derivatives market. 

All these things make the derivative market a great place to work. However, if you are absolutely new to the field, you need to gain some prior knowledge about how to get started. If you are willing to learn investment banking and the other nitty-gritty details about the derivatives market, an online course will help you with it so that you can establish a successful career in banking. 


An online course will help you learn about the different aspects of the derivatives market without having to step out of the house. Knowledge of finance and economics will go a long way to help you establish a career in derivative marketing. You can sign in for a 180 hours long Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional (CIBOP) course, which will equip you with the skills to help you build a career in the field.

These online investment banking courses with placement assurances. You even get awarded certificates issued by some of the leading academic institutions that will impress recruiters and land you a rewarding job role.  

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