What does IIT ethical hacking course provide?

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Online networks have increased the importance of maintaining a strong IT infrastructure. Most organizations are working on digital platforms for a variety of business functions. As a result, cybersecurity has established itself as a promising field that is required by companies of all sizes.

The annual cost of cybercrimes is around $6 trillion per year. This number is expected to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025. Extortion, identity theft and personal data breach are among the top three cyber crimes.

Cyber security is important for companies across the globe. As a result, there is an increasing need for cyber security professionals that are short in supply in the market.

The IIT Ethical Hacking Course can help in teaching the basics and advanced mechanisms of ethical hacking. It is one of the best courses available in the field of cyber security. It covers ethical hacking and several other modules that can help a learner improve their level of knowledge.

What is IIT Ethical Hacking Course?

The Advanced Certification Program in Cyber Security from IIT Roorkee has been launched in partnership with Imarticus Learning. The course has been designed to help us gain in-depth knowledge about various modules related to cyber security. Topics like information security fundamentals, cloud security, ethical hacking, incident handling, and application security have been covered as part of the IIT ethical hacking certification course.

The course offers a certificate from CEC, IIT Roorkee upon successful completion of the various modules.  We have an opportunity to become IT security analysts, cloud security analysts, cyber security consultants, application security analysts, or network security engineers after completing the course.

What does IIT Ethical Hacking Course cover?

cybersecurity courses

The IIT Ethical Hacking Course covers subjects like networking fundamentals, operation system security, cloud security, information security, ethical hacking, and application security. Other topics like social engineering, web application security, hacking wireless network, and data forensics are also part of the mix.

Tools like BurpSuite, Tor, Metasploit, and Qualys are covered in the curriculum. The live online sessions and discussions with the IIT faculty can help us gain in-depth learning about the use of various tools and software in cyber security. The rigorous lab sessions on real-world problems in the course can help us understand areas like cloud security, application security, ethical hacking, and network security with ease.

What does IIT Ethical Hacking Course Provide?

It is important to have clarity about what the IIT Ethical hacking Course provides to the end user. It provides in-depth learning into various aspects of cyber security. However, it is just a start. Here are some of the key deliverables of the IIT Ethical Hacking Course:


The learner can expect a certificate from CEC, IIT Roorkee upon completion of the course. This global certification from a premier institute like IIT enhances the profile of the learner. The certificate can prove to be an invaluable asset in building a strong career in the field of cyber security.

Learning experience

The live online training sessions from the IIT faculty provide an opportunity to learn about this booming topic from the best in the industry. It also provides a hands-on learning experience and covers a variety of security processes, software, tools, and techniques. The learning experience helps build a strong foundation for the students.

Campus Immersion

We get a unique opportunity to participate in a three-day campus immersion module. We can visit the IIT Roorkee campus and spend three days as part of the campus immersion activity. It provides an opportunity to interact and network with peers. We can learn from the IIT faculty and build memories of a lifetime.  Unlike other online courses, the course from IIT Roorkee offers an opportunity to visit and study on-campus as part of the course.

Learning Job Relevant Skills

The course also has an aspect where industry experts cover important topics and teach job-relevant skills to learners. With rigorous in-class exercises and real-world security projects, the learners can understand the latest tools and technologies. These skills help build a strong career in cyber security. The industry interface in the program helps understand what the industry requires and builds a learning experience that covers those skills.

Placement assistance

It is a cyber security course with placement assistance that helps us find relevant opportunities in the industry. Upon completion of the course, the team at Imarticus Learning provides placement assistance which can prove to be critical in designing a strong career in the field of cyber security.

The Advanced Certification Program in Cyber Security from IIT Roorkee can prove to be a game-changing decision for anyone's career. It includes several updated modules and projects along with tools and software. In other words, it offers a complete that can help us build a successful career in the field of cyber security. As it is an area in which in high demand from companies, we can emerge as successful professionals. Click here to know more.

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