What Are The Skills Required For Data Analyst?

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What makes you inclined towards Data Science? Is it the interest in data? Or the shining career in this field? Or the impressive salary package? Despite the reason, you have made a wise choice. The course, Data Science has become the talk of the town for the past many years, and it reflects through the increasing demand for a skilled data analyst.

People are signing up for the Data Science courses in India. They believe the transition to a career in Data Science means stable employment and a high-paying salary once you have a good command of the Data Analytics course.

You don't have to be a coding expert to learn and practice data science. This article will walk you through the five important skills required to become an in-demand Data Analyst professional. So, continue reading!

Role Of A Data Analyst:

A Data Analyst typically looks at large datasets and using their skill set, transforms data into a simpler and readable form that tells the story of a business. They integrate external data sources with internal company information to see where the company's growth opportunities are located.

The analyst's work on data highlights the key component that leads to high efficiency and improves business.

A Data Analyst Mainly Requires To Do The Following Tasks: 

  • Designing a database that suits different modes of inquiry
  • Optimizing database performance for easier use
  • Organizing data in the form of a dashboard that provide high-level summaries
  • Looking for patterns in large sets of data using statistical techniques or other methodologies.

Do You Wish to Become a Data Analyst? Master The Following Skills: 

Critical Thinking: 

A Data Analyst has to go through every day's challenges related to data. The answer lies in data itself. To become an Analyst expert, you have to analyze the data differently. Apply all the basic concepts that you have been imparted during your Data Analytic course. The more challenges you solve, the better Analytic you become. So, continue to work on critical thinking, and gradually you'll enjoy working with data.

Data Visualizations & Presentation:  

The two skills are closely associated. In data visualization, you'll practice telling a story from compelling data to engage the audience or other officials you are presenting your data report.

The data presentation skills improve over time. At first, no one comes with an impressive result. Its consistent work makes you a skilled Data Analyst who presents the data effectively.

Programming Language:  

SQL (i.e., Structured Query Language) is the top-most database programming language a Data Analyst must know and practice. It gives access to data and statistics, which makes it an essential resource for data science.

R and Python are raising their ranks after their prominent use in Data Analysis. Python supports important tasks like collection, analysis, modeling, and visualization of data.

Other important programming languages to practice for a would-be data analyst are Java, Javascript, C/C++, MATLAB, Julia, SAS.

Machine Learning: 

The Data Scientist must be well versed with machine learning for quality prediction and estimation. The skill focuses on building algorithms designed to identify data patterns that improve accuracy over time.

Microsoft Excel: 

Creating a spreadsheet in excel is the basic and most traditional approach used for data representation. Although SQL is used to retrieve and present data in Data Analytics, knowledge of traditional and widespread tools is essential. Some industries may require you to work through excel along with the Data Analytics tool. So, it's better to be well aware of the Microsoft Excel tool.


The skills mentioned above are important and make you confident to begin your career as a Data Analyst. Over time, you'll achieve mastery of these skills and have a shining career with an abundance of opportunities.

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