A Transition Guide from Financial Analyst to Finance Professional: Best Financial Analyst Courses in India!

Investment Banking Course with Placement in India

For those who can't get enough numbers and charting data points, being a financial analyst might be the perfect job for us. But what does it take to become one? Where do finance professionals work? What's their salary? Read on to find out!

Who is a Financial Analyst?

A financial analyst is a professional who is responsible for providing clients with advice on how to invest their money. After a chartered financial analyst course or online finance courses, they help and advice their clients to make better financial decisions.

Financial analysts are also responsible for ensuring that all transactions go according to plan within companies and institutions.

The chartered financial analyst (CFA) is a respectable and sought-after credential in finance. The CFA program is a rigorous, three-year training curriculum designed to prepare students for careers as investment professionals. CFAs are investment professionals qualified to offer advanced guidance on financial matters.

The number of candidates registering for CFA in India has been rising by 30% YoY for seven years, and today India is the third-largest market for CFA after China and the US.

Roles of a Financial Analyst

  • Financial Analysts determine a company’s present value, future business abilities and come up with forecasts for a business and help make an informed decision.
  • Analysts create & maintain spreadsheets and dashboards to help with the analysis and insight process. This gives a clear interpretation of trends & data to create models to value potential investment opportunities.
  • In-house financial analysts work as a team with various project managers to discuss performance or ascertain underlying causes of specific variances of performance.

Why choose a Career in Finance?

While there exist many careers, the financial services sector continues to be a leader and offers ample opportunities for people of all levels of experience.

The rising net disposable income drives the demand for financial services across multiple income brackets in India, which is also expected to emerge as the fourth-largest private wealth market globally by 2028. Such developments ensure a promising growth trajectory and a boom for aspirers in the long term.

How to Start Building a Career as a Financial Analyst?

Step 1: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree: A bachelor’s degree is often the primary qualification for a career as a financial analyst. Standard courses in economics, statistics, and related fields are relevant, but a more targeted degree is ideal.

Step 2: Attain Licensing and Certifications: Certifications courses for financial analysts like CFA and CFP help beginners boost their career while eying better employment opportunities. Many professionals may choose to obtain licenses and designations later in their careers.

Step 3: Build Employment Experience: To be a professional financial analyst, getting relevant work experience as early as possible, and work way up in the financial industry.

Step 4: Earn a Master’s Degree in Financial Analytics or Accounting

While on-job experience matters, a master's degree in financial analytics can help fortify a resume.

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Wise aspirants may choose to improve their knowledge to increase interest from potential employers by obtaining a master’s degree. Imarticus Learning offers trending finance courses and certification programs.

With each course designed by Industry experts, the objective is to prepare students for industry. The financial analyst course is practical, engaging, and interactive and helps enhance my skill-set in finance and accounts.

Imarticus Learning empowers students through Financial Analysis Prodegree (FAP), a financial analyst course tailored by experts to use proper data analytics applications efficiently. The financial analytics course syllabus includes theoretical and practical knowledge through workshops with industry experts, which provides an excellent opportunity to learn.

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