What Is Fintech All About and How to Make a Successful Career?

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Technology has empowered professionals more than ever, and the transformation is changing the paradigms of many industries. The finance sector has witnessed a different transition undergoing significant changes and is now commonly addressed as the Fintech sector.

What Is Fintech?

FinTech, a mix of “financial” and “technology,” is a relatively new term for any emerging technology that supports consumers or companies to deliver financial services in a new & faster way than conventional methods.

The best FinTech courses in India have empowered consumers to take charge of their financial lives, leading to greater financial literacy. Leveraging advanced technology is tearing down the old silos and helping consumers advance in their financial situation.

Scope of Fintech in India

India is the top fastest-growing Fintech market on the globe. With over 2,100 Fintech start-ups in India, over 67% have been set up in the last five years. India’s Fintech market is currently valued at $31bn and is expected to grow to $84 bn by 2025, at a CAGR of 22%.

The Indian Fintech market has a wide range of subsegments, including Lending, Payments, Wealth Technology (WealthTech), Personal Finance Management, Insurance Technology (InsurTech), Regulation Technology (RegTech), etc. This calls for an immense scope for professionals to develop careers that bring them a fortune.

Top Fintech Careers for Aspirants to Try their Luck?


The Fintech world operates with a backing on digital and cloud-based technologies. While this improves internal processes & customer service, the increased vulnerability to malicious cyber threats adds uncertainty.

Cybercrime is on the rise & isn’t stopping anytime soon. This poses a demand for talented cybersecurity professionals to develop security measures to keep track of malicious threats. Using intelligent encryptions, they can protect data and systems.

Blockchain developer

Another boarding fintech profession on demand is blockchain development, which benefits the industry in its ways. It provides secure methods for record management and keeps things private. The recent peak in cryptocurrency & blockchain has fuelled up demand for professionals.

Quantitative analyst

These scientists are the brains behind complex trading programs. Quant analysts guide investment banks, securities firms, and hedge funds to make informed decisions about the market, pricing, and financial risks.

With the fintech sector evolving, more specialists are needed to build strategies & interpret big data to maximize profit & minimize risk. The rise of fintech startups, ML & AI, has intensified the demand for quantitative analysts. These experts create future algorithms to help companies reach their financial goals using maths, data science, finance, and application development.

Artificial intelligence

Financial organizations flourish on informed decision-making, be it extending credit to consumers or evaluating risks. AI/ML helps businesses in making fast and critical decisions with data and insight.

Across the industry, companies rely on technology for transformation through AML pattern detection, chatbots, fraud prevention, risk management, network security & investment predictions. Human experts like machine learning engineers, data scientists, developers, and researchers are needed to manage, develop, and oversee AI/ML to have improved efficiency.

Advance in Fintech Career with Imarticus Learning

Technological advancement has brought around Fintech courses in India. This ranges from blockchain & crowdfunding to peer-to-peer lending and Robo-wealth-managers. Among the popular demand is blockchain at the top of must-learn lists of the millennials.

Imarticus Learning offers fintech certification programs for FinTech enthusiasts. The program prepares students to be professional, well-versed in fintech, with an enhanced knowledge of Blockchain.

Imarticus Learning offers the best fintech courses in India, covering subjects like Financial Accounting, Cloud Computing, Trade finance, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Industry experts design the courses for better business insights, communication skills, domain expertise, and management skills.

The network and placement assistance are the top features of these courses.

For more details, you can contact us through the Live Chat Support system or can even visit one of our training centers based in – Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Ahmedabad.

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