What Are The Eligibility Criteria for Agile Scrum Master Certification?

Scrum, is the buzzword of the day. When it comes to upgrading your skills you want a reliable partner who will ensure you learn the requisite skills and not just theoretical aspects. That’s where Imarticus Learning’s expertise and agility scores.
ITeS and IT majors like Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Dell are Agile! There are a plethora of jobs for people with experience in practically handling Agile suites on the Scrum framework. With CSM Certification your implementation of Scrum projects will lead your organization to better its efficiency, productivity and profits. The obvious must be stated. Your payouts could be fantastic and huge! Today teams work with members who have diverse expertise and work together to collaborate on speedy resolutions and focus on new projects, speedy deliveries, and multi-location access. To make effective Agile contributions and use the latest Scrum practices you need formal industry experience and agile scrum certification training.

Which Certification to Do?

There are two certification courses to enable your career as a CSM. The first is the CSM certification by Scrum.org.
About the CSM online exams and certification:
An understanding of the concepts of Scrum coupled with a 2-day CSM Course with a reputed institute like Imarticus enables you to take the CSM test online. You need to score at least 24 of the 35 questions rightly. You get two free attempts and can work on your wrong answers just in case you fail. The third-and-after attempts are paid-attempts at the certification.
On successfully clearing your certification exams you gain membership with Scrum Alliance, access to online support groups and forums, opportunities for continued learning and a Scrum website profile-page validating your CSM credentials.

The benefits of the Agile Scrum Master Certification Course:

The CSM course is your best route to the CSM certification exams. The course allows you to learn Scrum fundamentals and core concepts. The duration differs from 14 to 16 hours and is spread over two days.
• The CSM Course enables you in just 2 days on the weekend or on weekdays working 9 am to 5 pm the best practices, tricks, and tips on how to resolve issues in diverse environments.
• Scrum Alliance has Global REPs ensuring your certification is worth the money you pay.
• You will be comprehensively trained and prepared for the online test and CSM Certification.
• Effective CST-led training and global curriculum which is approved by Scrum to ensure you are industry and job ready on course completion.
• The reasonable course fee includes the fee for the examination by the Scrum Alliance.
• The courses offered are always based on demand-trends and future technology developments.
• Topics like core concepts, Scrum Foundational principles, the Agile Manifesto, Scrum roles and their differences and impact are covered. You explore how the SM manages Scrum and Sprint Meets, Daily Scrum Meets, the Retrospective Meet and more. You also learn about backlogs, iterations, burn-down charts, increments, and various Scrum artifacts.
• Scrum Scaling is an advanced module that will help implement work environment Scrum. No rote learning is present and you learn through real-time, industry-relevant scenarios, role plays etc to evolve and emerge a confident CSM.
• You also earn PDUs required for the PMI-ACP agile scrum certification examination and certification.
The second and harder to attain certification is the PMI-ACP® certification which is the goal of every agile scrum certification course. The ACSM course will help you prepare for the certification while providing you with training to earn PDU’s which are mandatory to take the examinations. The PMI-ACP includes Agile approaches like Lean, Scrum, Kanban, testing TDD, and XP.

Who can apply for this certification?

Transitioning enterprises and their Agile team members/employees will discover the certification path enhances career choices and prospects as agile scrum certification endorses and measures your practical skills and theoretical learning applications to real-world scenarios.
Essentials to get certified and retain certification:
The agile scrum certification exam consists of 120 objective type questions to be done in 3 hours. To maintain it you need to earn 30 PDUs on Agile related topics once every 3 years from training organizations.

Eligibility Criteria for Agile Scrum Master Certification

• 2,000 hours of general experience hours working on teams/ requisite PDUs from a training course.
• Agile practice of 21 contact training hours.
• And 1,500 working hours on Agile teams/methodologies.
Concepts learnt at the Agile and Scrum training:
You will imbibe the basics and explore the following topics
• Scrum (3*3) concepts, Product Backlogs, Estimation, and Planning.
• Core Scrum tenets, Release Planning and more.
• Comparing methods like Waterfall and Agile.
• Agile Process Introduction, project delivery and flavors.
• Kanban, Advanced Scrum, Project Simulation and Agile adoption.

Who Will Benefit and How?

The Agile suite has become popular for resolving complex issues in enterprise and project management opening up the market for CSMs, domain experts, BAs and developers too. The increased use of emerging technology and tools has transformed how business today is being done.
There are no prerequisite educational qualifications for the course. A high-speed internet connection, smartphone or computer, and the will to achieve your dreams are your investment. Dedicated teams in different teams like marketing, operations, finance et are a thing of the past. Being Agile is a continuous process of team contribution, collaboration and communication with each team member bringing domain expertise to the table especially in cross-functional teams. With this Agile and Scrum training you are ready for certification and to make a difference to the organization by ensuring project management, rapid release-cycles, teamwork collaborations, and in helping adapt to and resolve complex issues rapidly.
In conclusion, it must be said that the CSM certification and doing the courses have huge advantages. Here is how you can achieve the goal of certification as a CSM from either Scrum Alliance or Scrum.org. Enrol for an agile scrum certification with a recognized training partner like Imarticus Learning. The course will earn you the training certification and PDU’s required to take the certification exams. Obviously, this is the first step at equipping yourself and you get better with experience.
Tomorrow never pays in this fast-changing technological world. Set your goals high and do it today!

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