What is a Data Scientist Internship Like?


Over the past few decades, Data science has emerged as one of the most admired career fields in the world. Currently, it is estimated that 2.5 quintillions bytes of data are produced every day. The value is expected to keep growing and growing in the future. With such a forecast, the high demand for skilled data scientists is expected to stay. There are various sources to acquire data science skills and knowledge. But it is always better to have a real-life experience before the actual job.

The internships are the best source of real-life experience for any profession and the same goes for data science too. This article describes a typical data scientist internship and provides you with a basic idea about it. The actual experience may vary according to the company you go for.

Messy and Complicated Real Life Data Mining Projects
If you get to work on any data mining project, don't expect it to be anywhere near the problems you faced in the classroom. The projects you get will be messy and complicated, unlike the controlled environment in the university lecture.

However, with the help of your teammates, you will be able to do all the complex work. It will help you improve your mining skills and provide you with a taste of real-life mining problems. Before heading to an internship, make sure you are equipped with the right level of skills for such messy data.

Being A Trusted member of the Team
Most companies provide you with excellent exposure and guidance. You will be taken to many meetings and entrusted with various details. This is intended to inspire you to perform better. The meetings you attend within the several departments will help you to understand how the business runs and how departments are interacting with each other. This knowledge is vital to business understanding.

Developing the Essential Data Science Skills
You will be facing numerous challenges at each stage of every project. It will lead you towards the skills paramount for a career in data science. You will be required to engage with various staff for information and it adds to your communication skill. Through various projects, you will gain experience in many aspects of organisational operations and project management. Some of them are listed below.

• The need for business understanding
• Importance of feasible project plans and aims
• Value of correct data collection methods
• The need for documentation of a project to make it transparent and repeatable
• Importance of having iteration and feedback from the team to ensure the project progress.

During a Data Science Internship, you will gain very valuable technical experience in various segments of data science. The consultancy experience you obtain through tackling real-life problems is also very vital to your data science career. To equip you with all the necessary skill sets to take on such a career, Imarticus is providing a data science prodegree. This Genpact data science course will help you start the data science career on the right foot.

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