What are The Best Books To Understand Cryptocurrency and Blockchain?


Blockchain and cryptocurrency had taken the world by storm in 2017. The idea of digital currency has revolutionized the concept of sale and purchase of goods on the internet. Recently, cryptocurrency has become unpopular due to the lack of institutional controls behind it. There is no denying that it is the way to the future, though. This is the best time to read up on the concepts and brush up your knowledge. With the potential it holds in the future, being aware of the basics will put you ahead of many others.
There are many books out there which will support your Blockchain training. Here is a selection of books which are best suited to develop an understanding of the blockchain technology and bitcoins.
Digital Gold: Focusing on the first cryptocurrency which was developed. The book goes into the history of the evolution of Bitcoins. It walks you through the ideation and the creation of the blockchain revolution. The book, written by Nathaniel Popper, is a New York Times bestseller. It will definitely help you appreciate the efforts that went into making the technology, and clearly understand how the technology started, and what it is poised to be.
Blockchain Revolution: This is a great book to understand the fundamentals of blockchain technology. If there was a technical guidebook on the technology, this is it. The book is written by the famous business and management strategist, Don Tapscott, along with his son Alex. There are technical illustrations and examples clearly explaining the basics. It also shows how technology has changed the future of how we make transactions. You will also find real-time examples of various projects which are under development, along with the results.
The Bitcoin Standard: If you are interested in the economics of Bitcoin, this is the perfect book for you. The book explores the history of money and how transactions have been done. The author then discusses the challenges that Bitcoin poses to the current financial system. It also discusses the impact Bitcoin can have on the future as well.
Blockchain Basics: This book goes into the technical details of how blockchain works. However, it is extremely easy to understand from a non-technical point of view as well. There are illustrations, analogies, pictures, which make the book easily understandable. If you are looking for a Fintech Courses focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrency, then this is a great book.
The Truth Machine: This speaks about the larger concept of what blockchain stands for. From privacy-related issues to the control of data, a number of complex topics are explained from the perspective of blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Cryptoassets: Investors in cryptocurrencies will find this book extremely useful. The book clears the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and is extremely useful if you are interested in investing in the future. Concepts, such as dollar-cost averaging are also explained with ease in this book.
Mastering Bitcoin: This book focuses on the software aspect of the book. Programmers and developers will find this book extremely useful because it goes into the technical details of the programming that goes into blockchain. Newer developments in the field, such as the Lightning Network, are also given in great detail in the book.

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