What Are The Benefits Of Bringing Big Data Analytics Education?

Education, human behavior and interpersonal interactions have always held our interest as topics for research and discussion. Such data analysis can draw out many insights that can be beneficially used to improve the ways we work. learn and analyze issues around us. Did you know that the big data industry is projected to touch a total value of 28 million USD very soon? No wonder the educational field is looking to exploit the many benefits of a big data course in the educational field and analyzing the results to tweak the outcomes.

The very first step in this process is to set up the functional database and its analysis process. In the field of education, this would imply building a community website. Why? Data analyzed so far shows that if students needed information 93 percent of the time they looked online for it.

The popularity of libraries of information available by doing a simple Google search or Googling as students call it is the most popular method for not just students but parents looking for educational institutions for their wards as well! It is a given that online presence helps prospective students and their parents find you.

But, can we also use the digital platform to educate students?  Here are at least three ways to benefit from big data analytics and exploiting a big data course of benefits for your educational institution.

1. Assessing student performance:

Improving student performance and assessing their performances can be efficiently leveraged by big data and its analytics. Individualized learning modules can help find knowledge gaps and personalize the learning materials to fill in the gaps. By so adjusting the learning rate no student in a class is way ahead or too far back on the learning curve. Since learning styles, rates and methods may vary over each student, adaptive learning scores by understanding and identifying the gap in learning and taking corrective action before it is too late.

A differentiated style of learning deals with the most effective style to help the student learn. Adaptive learning curates the learning exercises matching them to the student’s needs and knowledge gaps. Competency-based AI and Big Data Analytics Course-based tests aid the students to gauge their learning levels and progress from thereon.

Using all these three types of learning AI can test how well the students can adapt their learning to applications of it and thus promote the progress of students based on individual interests. Traditional methods like exams, project work and assignments and exams can be used as data trails to help monitor learning activities and performances. The behavioral analysis attained can help provide personalized feedback to each student.

2. Personalizing educational programs:

Big data can help in customizing and personalizing learning materials and individualized programs for students using both on and offline resources. Blended experiences improve performances, generate more learning interest and help improve the performances of students. Students can learn at their own pace and style and even discover areas where they excel at applying their learning to applications. The classroom can effectively be turned into a nursery for budding professionals, entrepreneurs, gamers and businessmen who are well-initiated in exploiting benefits offered by skilling themselves in a big data course.

3. Learn from the results and improve the dropout rates:

Big data analytics can help us learn and predict the lacunae in learning and thus prevent dropouts. Corrective measures can easily be applied if unusual behavioral patterns are caught early. Personalization of these measures through suggestions from big data analytics can help target the source of the problem and resolve the issue or gaps in learning. Big data analytics’ behavioral analysis can also help in career counseling, providing information on various programs and courses at various institutions so students can choose their careers wisely.

Parting notes:
The class sizes keep increasing with compulsory education and teachers are often facing many challenges in giving attention and help to the large numbers of students. A big challenge like this has been simplified by incorporating computer programs that allow each student to follow his own pace and learning curve. The technological advancements in the last decade and especially in education has seen many applications that are data-driven and can be processed for use as learning materials to base your future decisions on.

Rather than concentrate on just building a good educational website from scratch one can use simple website solutions from online builders. The time saved is best used on implementing processes for reporting and better analysis. Do you want to learn how to use Big Data analytics in education? Reach out and do a big data course at the Imarticus Learning Institute to emerge career-ready.

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