What Does An Investment Banker Do?

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Investment banking is one of the most sought-after jobs of the century. There are many career paths a young aspirant can choose but if you want to go for a banking course after graduation, then investment banking courses are the way to go.

Investment banking courses in India can help you get a better knowledge of how investment banking works and what an investment banker does. But before you pay investment banking course fees, this article will help you get an idea about what you’re getting into.

What is Investment Banking- In Simple Terms?

Investment banking involves raising capital for companies and firms through either selling equity or issuing debt. It also involves the task of managing mergers and acquisitions, advisories, and many other financial services in the corporation. It also includes underwriting, sales of securities, reorganizations, and broker trades for both private investors and the company.

Investment Banking Course with placement in IndiaIt helps corporations and governments in managing the financial aspects of large projects. Investment banking courses after graduation can help you prepare for a job in investment banking and give you a more advanced understanding of how to perform these services after you land a good job.

You need to check the certificate in investment banking course details to know if you’re choosing one of the right investment banking courses or not.

What Does an Investment Banker do?

An investment banker has to take several responsibilities and perform several activities for the client, but the main task an investment banker has to handle is raising the capital of the company by issuing securities by either debt or equity. The investment banker has some very important responsibilities which are as follows:

  • The most important responsibility of an investment banker is to support capital generation. Assessment of various transactions and all the financial activities of the client need to be done by the investment banker for this purpose. The performance of bonds and stocks need to be supervised by them to properly value and price the securities they have.
  • Performing various valuation methods such as DCF, presidents, and comparable companies
  • Developing recommendations for several tasks like product offerings, mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and private equity transactions
  • Performing research, documentation, and analysis of live transactions with due diligence
  • Creating presentations for client portfolios

What Course to do for Investment Banking?

Investment banking courses in India will give you a good understanding of how investment banking works, but will not prepare you for the challenges and the field experience of the job.

Business Analyst online trainingIf you’re paying the investment banking course fees, you should choose a course that gives you a job assurance and provides industry interactions to prepare you for the field.

Certified Investment Banking Operations Program (CIBOP) is a course that gives you just that. With in-depth coverage of topics like financial markets and risk management, this course is surely a catch.


Investment bankers should have an excellent grasp of the investment climate at all times. They must have a working knowledge of popular investment vehicles and the process of IPO (Initial Public Offering). They should know how to maximize investments and their returns. To check out certificate in investment banking course details which will help you build the expertise for these processes, click here.


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