What 60% of data analytics learners do wrong

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Data science is a field that is as demanding as it is difficult. It has become a necessary part of our lives. Whether managing education, retail or corporate, data analytics has come in really handy in recent years. Corporate especially is a field where data analytics helps a lot as there are always big amounts of data to be processed. It is in no way an easy job. The job market is also very demanding, but thankfully numerous positions are being offered across the globe. 

This is why if you are thinking of switching to a data analytics career, then you should learn data analytics properly. Fortunately, a lot of institutions in India offer compact courses on it. Such an institution is Imarticus Learnings who offer a solid data analytics certification course with placements. This will not only cover the basics of ‘what does a data analyst do’ but also hone your skills to a different level. Now, here, we are going to elaborate on some primary mistakes that a majority of data analytics learners do wrong to help you avoid them altogether. Please read on to learn more.

What does a data analyst do?

A data analyst needs to process big data, including the current trends of a market, the inefficiencies present in the current system of a company, changing market trends, changes in customer demands, and so on very quickly. This is the only way to analyze certain problems and address them accordingly. Data analysts need to make suggestions for a more profitable approach for the company that they are in. They also need to collaborate with other departments to make a plan that works for all and even supervise it regularly. So, mistakes are not appreciated.

The mistakes to avoid

There are some primary mistakes that beginners end up making that can become harmful to their careers. They are, as follows:

  • Jumping into things headfirst: You need to analyze the problem first properly before jumping into conclusive solutions. The best way to deal with this is to scope the entire value of delivery from the get-go. This comes in really handy later as it gives a clear value of what data science can bring with each step.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) is a must: Although EDA might seem like a tedious aspect, it is a must. It gives you the edge in both competitions and real-life projects. Skipping it entirely and jumping straight into modeling can turn out to be a real problem later on.
  • Spend time on feature engineering: This is directly linked to your building models. You need to spend enough time building predictive parameters after the initial processing and cleaning of a data set. Although directly jumping to grid searches and model building without this might work in some cases, that does not work well when you are trying to build a proper score.
  • Global models are part of the process: It is necessary to have the entire picture in mind before getting into projects seriously. This will help you make a plan with minimum efficiency and easier structures if the client has limited resources.


  • You also need to talk to domain experts regularly as they can provide insights you might overlook sometimes.
  • Know the basics properly.
  • Improve your connections.


The job can seem intimidating at first, but there are also some seriously interesting aspects to it. For a better understanding, learn data analytics with Imarticus Learnings' data analytics certification course to give your career the boost it needs.

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