Financial Modelling Certification: Revealing the key drivers for your career

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Financial modeling has become one of the most coveted skills in finance. There is a huge demand for financial modeling professionals. You can take up a financial modeling certification course if you want to make a career in finance. The course also helps several CFA applicants who wish to get into finance. 

financial analyst certification courseImarticus also provides the best CFA course in India. You can also take up a CFA course as it will give you dual benefits. You will get to learn about CFA as well as financial modeling. 

Areas of use of Financial Modelling

Financial modeling is being used in all kinds of industries. Some of the popular sectors in which they are used are:

  • Investment banking institutes
  • Equity Research companies
  • Credit Rating Agencies

Several career opportunities will open up for you if you take a financial modeling course. With a financial modeling course, you will learn several skills like mergers and acquisitions, DCF modeling, ratio analysis, etc. 

Financial Modelling Jobs:

You might get several jobs if you take up a financial modeling course. These jobs are only for people who have the technical know-how of things that work in the fintech space. With the growth of fintech and other financial institutions, there is a massive demand for people who know financial modeling and handle such cases. Some of the career opportunities that will open up for you are as follows:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Cryptocurrency trader
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Equity Analyst

The list above is not exhaustive. There are several other opportunities too. The job title for these opportunities might differ from company to company. 

Importance of Financial Modelling

Financial modeling has become one of the most important aspects of businesses when it comes to the corporate sector. These models are essential tools brought to use to make critical business decisions. A financial model also finds a considerable place in analyzing any risk involved in business decisions.

Financial modeling can also be made to prepare different types of financial statements. Various online businesses are now dependent on financial modeling for their process optimization.

Uses of Financial Modelling

There are several uses of financial modeling. Some of the uses are:

  • Several financial models are used to make business decisions in the finance industry. These models are incorporated to analyze the business based on which the decisions can be taken. 
  • It also acts as an essential tool that can help in incorporating various business ideas. Along with the ideas, you can also analyze the risks associated with a particular business. 
  • The financial modeling techniques can also be used to represent a valid financial scenario for the company. Based on this particular dashboard, different decisions can be taken to understand the company's financial position. 
  • Using financial models, you can also analyze a company's economic performance. Understanding these models and tools is very important for the financial perspective of things.

A certification in financial modeling will teach you about every technique that goes into building models, which helps make business decisions.


We at Imarticus provide several financial modeling courses for people who aspire to make a career in finance. With our financial modeling course, students become equipped with skills that help them make business decisions. Financial models are used to make business decisions, and our courses give students an in-depth insight into how these models work.

We have a certified investment banking operations professional certificate course that deals with financial modeling and everything else that the topic encompasses. There are several other courses too that cover the basics of financial modeling. You can get enrolled in any of these courses if you are interested in making a career in financial modeling. 

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