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Just like SEO is essential in developing a robust website, it can also help build a resume to catch the recruiter’s attention. There are a considerable number of factors that are common between building a website using SEO and developing a resume. Therefore, individuals can consider opting for an SEO course, such as HubSpot content marketing certification, as it provides considerable ideas about how to employ SEO to optimize a resume. 

How can an SEO Course Improve Your Resume?

Once you know the correct keywords and get knowledge on how to use them in proper places, it is pretty easy to frame a resume that can grab a recruiter's attention. Here’s how you can go about it.


  • Create an Eye-catching Headline 


Similar to a website, an attractive resume will get maximum attention. As in the case of a website, framing an eye-catching headline gets the most clicks and thus increases traffic; formatting a proper headline in a resume can help managers skim through it fast, focusing on pointers relevant to the job role. 

Thus, rather than highlighting employers' names, highlight job roles to seek attention about previous experiences. On the other hand, if the job roles aren't impressive, making short paragraphs about job responsibilities is advisable. Additionally, make sure to use correct language while framing a headline to portray the right information. 


  • Use Relevant Keywords 


A website might contain informative content, but there are chances it hasn’t reached its targeted audience due to poor use of keywords. Similar to this, if a candidate hasn't used proper keywords in the right places, then the resume might not reach the correct person. 

Nowadays, most recruiters use an applicant tracking system (ATS), and proper use of keywords can help you to pass the machines to reach a human hand. Apart from this, ATS also focuses on relevant context rather than keywords. So, just like a website, it is important to use the keywords in the right context. 


  • Add Social Media Profiles


A hyperlink to social media in a website helps to boost traffic, reach customers and interact with the audience. It also allows sharing, pinning or liking content. Similarly, a hyperlink to professional profiles from resumes can portray a candidate’s personality, personal brand and industry knowledge.

Most recruiters prefer to look at LinkedIn profiles as it provides relevant information about the candidate concerning certifications, courses, connections, education, and other factors. If you use social media professionally, then it is advisable to link those as well. 


  • Include Relevant Hyperlinks 


Much like a website, using hyperlinks can be beneficial in a resume. In websites, hyperlinking to a higher authority website can pass link juice to the concerned website to develop its authority. Additionally, a relevant hyperlink will give a reader all-around information about a particular topic, product or service. 

Similarly, hyperlinking to professional websites like GitHub and LinkedIn will portray all-around information about a candidate and help recruiters understand the applicant better. 


  • Streamlining the Content Flow Properly


It is important to frame a website properly to provide information in a particular order. Similarly, providing information in a correct manner is important in a resume. To know how to frame content properly, candidates can opt for a digital marketing certification course. Except this, any SEO course can provide relevant framing content, including HubSpot content marketing certification

best digital marketing courses in IndiaImproper framing of a website provides unarranged information, thus confusing the reader. Also, due to this improper framing, the user experience gets hampered, and the bounce rate increases resulting in a decline in SERP ranking. Similarly, improper resume framing might lead to the rejection of a candidate. On the other hand, recruiters and hiring managers usually first skim the resumes, and if framed correctly, it can attract them, resulting in acceptance.

Benefits of HubSpot Content Marketing Certification


  • It teaches the importance of storytelling.
  • Provides details about content marketing.
  • This course helps generate content ideas.
  • Teaches long-term content planning.
  • Provides content creation framework.
  • Teaches how to promote content effectively.
  • Gives information on measuring and analyzing content. 
  • Promotes growth mentality. 


Thus, SEO knowledge is handy to produce a good resume, and candidates can opt for a digital marketing certification course to know more about SEO. 

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