We asked experts in cyber security to recommend their must-read books

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We asked experts in cyber security to recommend their must-read books

Cyber security and hacking are two different things that are closely related. In today's world, cyber security has become a trendy topic. If you wish to make your career in the cyber security industry, these books will help you understand its concepts better.

To pile up your knowledge about cyber security, you need to explore the books to understand the concepts and stay updated with the latest developments in cyber security. Here are the top-notch books you can invest your time and energy to read.

1. The Art Of Invisibility - Kevin Mitnick

The Art Of Invisibility: A Journey Through Hacking, Crime, and Diplomacy is the story of Kevin Mitnick's life as a hacker. In an accessible step-by-step format, he provides online and real-life tactics and inexpensive methods to protect you and your family. You can learn about various privacy safeguards.

2. Cybersecurity for Beginners: Raef Meeuwisse 

This book is a good resource and is easy to read. This book's chapters cover different aspects of cyber security. Understanding the earlier and later chapters is unnecessary so that you can read them in any order. Meeuwisse defines every important term a reader should be aware of throughout the book.

3. Blue Team Handbook: Incident Response Edition - Don Murdoch

If you're interested in Blue Teams, SOCs, incident response, and so on, this book is an excellent place to start. Murdoch describes the experience of responding to a cybersecurity incident.

He explains why and how each tool gets used in detail. Being a member of the blue team entails having an insider's perspective on an organization.

4. Hacking for Beginners: A Step By Step Guide For You To Learn the Basics of Cybersecurity And Hacking - Ramon Nastase 

Readers will learn how hackers think, why they hack computer systems, and how they do it by reading this book. Various attacks can hack into a system in this book, geared toward those interested in penetration testing.

5. Practical Malware Analysis - Andrew Honig and Michael Sikorski

Malware and viruses are real threat in today's world. Security experts and IT professionals constantly seek new ways to combat emerging malware.

Malware attacks are an ongoing threat to businesses. This book provides valuable insight into dealing with such threats and cyber security tools to assist businesses in fighting and eliminating virus attacks.

To make your career in the cyber security industry, it is essential to have sound knowledge about different aspects of cyber security. This book will help you understand its concepts better.

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