Top 6 Reasons To Smile At Work

Benefits and How It Works

A smile costs nothing, but creates much. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. - Dale Carnegie

Psychology states that you can uplift your mood just by one simple trick, smiling. It is believed that the left cortex of our brain is the part which triggers happiness and by smiling, we stimulate it. Thus, leading to the release of endorphins, better known as the happy hormones that calm us. A lot of health experts recommend this technique to reduce anxiety and keep hypertension at bay. Smiling in general can boost your health and make you look and feel younger, it can also be your best tool at work.
Here’s a list of 6 reasons why you must smile at work

1. Smile, because you never know who’s watching you. A lot of managers believe in observing their employees, when they are off guard. A professional who is always grouchy, grumbles a lot and comes across as a possible liability to their co-workers and the environment. If your manager sees you sporting a smile and in an upbeat mood, the chances of it reflecting positively on your records are higher.
2. If you are a manager, then you definitely know how stressful team meetings can be. A lot of employees complain of not being able to be productive as they are always worried about the response from their managers. Smiling during these meetings and keeping a positive attitude can not only motivate you, but also your team mates.
3. Mondays are the official terrible days of the week. This week starter is labeled to be a day full of blues. But have you noticed that, if you turn up at you job on a Monday, in a sour mood then, your whole week follows similarly? Mondays, should definitely be the days you smile the most, so as to ensure that your whole week goes in the same upbeat manner. Remember this every Monday.
4. In lieu of enhancing employee relations, a lot of offices organize mixers or networking events. It’s surprising that most of the employees either skip these events, or turn up and spend the whole night looking into their drink. Smiles at these events lead to lighthearted conversations, which later on lead to great contacts in the industry. Who would have thought, that all you needed was a smile to be a pro at networking?
5. Every employee is given a pressure test every once in a while, the results of which may lead to a promotion or perks. The best way to ace these tests? Smile, because that way you come across as a hands-on employee, who’s never daunted by a challenging task.
6. Presentations are when everyone gets the jitter bugs. If this is a presentation that is for a great contract, which your company has been vying for lately, it can be a great pressure on you. This is the perfect time to smile and come across as someone who knows their stuff as well as is very approachable.
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