Top 5 Finance Training Courses for Beginners

5 Key Finance Training and Placement Courses

Overview of the finance industry

The finance industry provides financial services to both corporations and people. The industry includes several sectors, such as banks, insurance companies, investment houses, money lenders, real estate brokers etc. Although large conglomerates dominate this sector, there is also a wide variety of smaller companies here.

Companies working in this industry manage money. For example, financial advisors manage assets and give financial advice to the client. When the finance sector is strong, the economy grows. Thus, the strength of this sector is crucial for the prosperity of companies and people. That's why there is a rise in demand for finance training and placement activities today.

What are the services offered in the finance industry?

Individuals who have completed finance training and placement courses can be part of different finance sectors. The following are the four major types of services offered in this industry:

Banking services

Individuals working in this sector will help people qualify for a loan which they can borrow for a particular purpose. Or they will assist them by holding their money. People these days prefer to hold their money in bank accounts as they don't want to worry about protecting their money by themselves. With the advancement of online technology in this sector, banking is one of the best ways to receive payment from employers. People also choose these services to pay others. For instance, paying electricity bills or paying at a restaurant for lunch.

Investment services

Everyone has their own financial goals. However, most people will not have the expertise to buy things like stocks. By completing a finance training and placement course, many people work as financial advisors or investment managers today. These people assist individuals in determining the right asset allocation. They help people prepare their retirement plans or save for their children's education. They will advise how to use the money best and go further.

Tax and accounting services

Every individual in this country has to pay their taxes, and most of the time, the tax laws aren't easy to understand. That's where tax professionals come to the rescue. Having completed finance training and placement courses, they help people understand different tax laws and how much money they owe. They will also introduce people to laws and actions that will help them save money. Accounting professionals will assist people with keeping their money in order. They also help companies maintain their accounting records as required by the law.

Insurance services

Insurance professionals help people get life insurance to protect their loved ones in case something wrong happens. They can also assist in getting insurance on a car or house. People can also get access to better healthcare with their help.

Top 5 finance training courses

Below are the top 5 finance training courses that can equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic world of finance and investment.

Financial Accounting - Manipal Prolearn

This course will prepare individuals to analyse financial statements. Based on this analysis, they can provide advice on increasing company profits. This finance training and placement program will prepare people to solve real-world problems in the industry. They will be equipped with new skills such as maintaining subsidiary books, creating trial balances, etc. The course is offered by one of the best finance training institutes in India: Manipal Prolearn.

Duration: 8+ hours

Financial Modelling - IMS Pro School

This finance training and placement course will prepare professionals to analyse the company's performance on different parameters based on its past data. This can also be used to build models reflecting the company's future. Many key decisions, like project viability and price targets, are taken based on these analyses. Offered by one of the best finance training institutes in India, this certification is ideal for people pursuing a career in investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Duration: 55 hours

International Financial Reporting Standards - AICPA

It is one of the top finance training and placement courses in India. It is provided by AICPA, which is amongst the best finance training institutes in India. With certification in this field, people can provide services to several industries. These include banking, auditing, insurance, pharma etc. People aspiring to reach great heights in their finance accounting career should choose this course.

Duration: 3-6 months

Certified Financial Planner - IMS Pro School

Again, provided by one of the best finance training institutes in India, this program is best for finance students. This globally recognised finance training and placement certification will equip you to assist people in securing their financial assets.

Duration: 1 year

Postgraduate Financial Analysis Program- Imarticus Learning

This certification will prepare individuals in the finance domain with skills such as financial statement analysis, modelling, equity research, etc. They will also be able to master Excel and PowerPoint. One of the best finance training institutes in India, Imarticus Learning believes in providing a hands-on learning experience. They use case studies and simulation tools to help students understand real-world business situations.

Duration: 8 months

Key takeaway

The finance industry in India is growing today. As the industry keeps evolving, the professionals working in the industry should also quickly adapt to these changes to succeed. Some of the best finance training institutes in India offer the courses mentioned above. For people interested in joining the postgraduate financial analysis program, visit Imarticus Learning now.

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