How Imarticus Learning's Finance courses can help you get a job

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How Imarticus Learning's Finance courses can help you get a job

Finance has always been one of the lucrative career options. The number of options and the opportunities this segment offers are almost endless. Moreover, in modern times, when the finance sector of India is generating thousands of jobs, your chances of making a successful career are as easy as it can get.

To help aspirants like you realize your dream, leading educational institutes like Imarticus Learning has designed specialized banking and finance courses. So, read on to understand how these courses are making a difference.

Why are Finance Courses Gaining a Lot of Popularity These Days?

There are many reasons for this present market trend. A career in finance is being opted because of the following reasons –

  1. A high salary

One of the major factors behind the popularity of this sector is the pay package that it offers. Usually, a fresher, straight out of college can secure up to INR 3 lakh per annum. Moreover, the year-on-year increments and additional benefits are also notable in this sector.

However, a point to remember here is that this whole discussion about money will only depend on the fact, which company you join.

  1. Good employability prospects

The statistics on websites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn tell a lot about the employability prospects in this sector. The banking and finance sector constitutes 29% of the job opportunities for freshers.

Moreover, the emergence of Fintech companies and various start-ups in this segment means you will have ample opportunities to find a job.

  1. Experience and network benefits after retirement

Post-retirement employment or opting for a job after employment is one of the major hurdles every professional faces. The banking sector is one of the few platforms that allow you to get a job post-requirement. You could either get a job as a consultant or there are a few enterprises that offer similar roles even after crossing 58 or 60 years of age.  

  1. A gateway to multiple sub-domains

If you have a career in banking and finance, you could take up a job as a financial planner, a financial analyst, an actuary, a securities trader, an investment portfolio manager, or a quantitative analyst.

Where Should You Enroll for Finance Courses? 

There are some full-time banking programs offered by top-notch colleges. If you are a student then you can go straightaway for these courses. But if you are a working professional and you are unable to dedicate yourself to a full-time course, then there is a solution. Both online and weekend courses help you to finish your course simultaneously while studying.

Imarticus is one of the best websites that offer the best banking and finance courses with tie-ups with top Indian colleges and universities.

What are the Banking and Finance Courses on Imarticus Learning’s Website?

Although there are multiple programs on Imarticus Learning’s website, there are two job-assured courses that you need to focus on. One is the Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional.

The other program is the Post Graduate Program in Banking and Finance. These two programs allow you to get the best placement in the sector.

What are the Advantages of Learning at Imarticus Learning?

There are several advantages of learning at Imarticus Learning -

  1. Get job-relevant skills

You will get a detailed understanding of products in the banking and finance sector and how things operate in this industry.

  1. Get placement assistance

There are higher chances that one will get a job instantly after he/she completes the banking and finance courses.

  • The alumni of Imarticus Learning work at top banking and financial institutions. HSBC, RBS, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs.
  • The courses are certified by CIBOP, which is endorsed by the Euronext group. You will get immediately placed with this certification.
  • The course is imparted through live online classes. You can study anywhere and anytime.

Final Word

To sum it up, there is no denying that the finance sector is now one of the most lucrative ones to be at in the current scenario. The opportunities are endless, and the pay is handsome. However, in case you need to enhance your knowledge or skill, you can always do that with the help of a professional banking and finance course from Imarticus Learning

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