5 Reasons Why Supply Chain Snags Affect Global Economic Growth

Supply chain analytics certification

The global economy depends on supply chains that have networks running across continents. This is why any issue with the supply chain can directly affect economic growth. If you learn SCM, you will notice that most of the time, supply chain snags occur due to issues with the management. Now, you can ensure that they have a positive impact on economic growth. To do this, you will have to opt for a supply chain management course

How Can Supply Chain Snags Affect the Global Economy?

Since supply chains are vital for most businesses, any management issue can harm economic growth. Those who opt for a supply chain management career need to be aware of the snags that can affect the global economy. 


  • Fluctuations in Customer Demand


Supply chains often depend on the demands of the customers. But due to various external factors, these demands can fall. When this happens, excess products go to waste. However, at times, customer demands can increase rapidly. If supply chains are not optimized enough to handle such a spike, there will be utter chaos. This can lead to limited products, improper pricing, and issues with the delivery of goods. If global supply chains are unable to meet demands, the economy is bound to suffer. 


  • Shortage of Workforce


While you can optimize several aspects of the supply chain, a human workforce is necessary. A shortage of workforce means less production or a slow-moving supply chain. If the supply chain gets held up due to inevitable glitches, many might quit due to extended periods of no work. When the supply chain starts working again, there will be an inadequate workforce to handle the pressure. This snag can adversely affect economic growth, particularly when production slows down or the delivery of goods stops. 


  • Increase of Freight Rates


Since supply chains are closely related to the global economy, snags may increase freight charges. If shipping routes, particularly for global supply chains, are disrupted, the freight rates will increase rapidly. When businesses cannot pay the costs, that particular link in the supply chain will stop functioning.  


  • A Slowdown of Industrial Activity


A snag in a supply chain can slow down activity in an entire industry. If one part of the supply chain does not move forward, the rest cannot follow. The economy will suffer as vast quantities of raw material go to waste, and the labour force reduces due to certain issues with managing a specific supply chain. 


  • Bottlenecks in Manufacturing and Production


Supply chain bottlenecks can occur anytime, primarily if the supply chain is not being appropriately managed. If there is a supply bottleneck, then manufacturing will be affected. While this affects the availability of products, it can also affect the earnings of those involved in the production stages. 

To understand how an aspect of the global economy is dependent on supply chains, you need to gain extensive knowledge. Learning supply chain planning can help you build the required skills. 

Supply Chain Management for Sustained Economic Growth

Supply chains, when appropriately managed, can contribute to economic growth and even maintain it. To learn about sustainable supply chains, you can opt for a supply chain management course. Imarticus Learning offers Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management and Analytics. This program is in collaboration with IIT Roorkee, DoMs, and E-Learning Centre.

The institute also has various industry experts collaborating to create a well-rounded curriculum. Imarticus Learning ensures that students can understand supply chain management from a strategic and operational viewpoint. This will help you establish a rewarding supply chain management career

The course offered by Imarticus Learning includes supply chain planning and prepares you for the industry through six projects. These are all based on real situations, and you can develop the experience necessary to become a successful supply chain manager. You can also opt for a job in data science, demand planning, or supply and operations planning. 

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