The Truth About Different Technology Jobs in Investment Bank

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Investment banks also use technologists and place them in various roles. It is definitely not the regular technologist’s job role where you get to coding and developing the environment. So let’s explore what the job roles in asset management, investment banking or trading and securities sales actually imply for the technologist. Don’t be surprised that though you are in IB the role of the technologist is highly reduced, close to shamming being busy and definitely does not offer learning experiences in most areas. One of the best ways to understand and blend your technological degree with IB techniques and roles is to do an investment banking course at a reputed institute like Imarticus Learning.
1. Role of front-end technologist:
It appears most technologists prefer working in the front-office end of investment banking jobs. This means they are tied into the business and need to think of working with the banking team, commodities, rates, equity derivatives, asset management and portfolio management. As the technologist at the front-end one would expect to be developing quantitative tools like pricing engines, position blotters, tools for banking, research platforms, feeds to back and middle offices, market-research for the data teams, and booking services amid other challenges. You may be disappointed but that is not what happens. Most banks have large support routines, lack of funds for improving frameworks and work in very lean teams where the most prioritized and high-security routines are given to only trust-worthy individuals only.
2. Role of core technologist:
If you love interacting with other developers in the same industry and keeping pace with the trends then these are the ideal investment banking jobs for you. The core technologist’s role does not impact day-to-day activities of the bank and hence it is a matter of interacting with the teams for long term strategic development that may never materialize and keeps getting iterated to keep the technologist feeling important and busy.
3. Role of back or middle-end technologist:
The compliance and Regtech teams work at the middle and rear-ends. You can expect to rush to meet deadlines that are mandatory, marketing risks, pitching settlements, ensuring payments, monitoring and creating valuation controls and raising and monitoring the capital management.
4. Role of IB technology infrastructure job:
Banks are moving to cloud technologies and this is definitely a thrust area for all banks. As the technologist, you can expect to work both on captive and external cloud databases and hence you can make use of your repository of tools in building tools. The teams here are highly specialized and distinguished. This also puts cybersecurity up in front. Either of these areas is very desirable and fulfilling as a technologist.
5. Role of IB business analysis technologist:
As a technologist in business analysis, you could work at any end of the bank. Front, middle or rear-ends. The BA technologist’s role is the bridge between the developers and the business itself. However, the scope is limited since at most banks the technologists are expected to be cheaper forms of business management and monitoring and in all probability will be having developers interacting with the business analysis functions without interactions cutting across the various IB areas and its inert dependence and complexities.
6. Role of IB PM Technologist:
On the project management team, you can expect to have a full calendar of meetings with the bossy project manager, developer teams, delivery milestones, late and unmet deadlines. The technologist role is basically of a go-between for various cross-functional and multi-area teams working on complex banking technology products.
Working as a technologist in IB can be quite challenging and definitely not the traditional role of developer or analyst among the investment banking jobs. The technologist is however considered special to the banking team and is paid-well, works fixed hours and can rise quickly if personal communication and lack of fixed job functions or roles are imbibed.
Do your investment banking course at Imarticus Learning to understand what exactly happens behind the scenes at IB jobs. They help you get IB certification, find good jobs through assured placements and ensure you are job-ready from day one. All the best in your new role as a technologist in IB!

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