Is It Worth Doing a Masters In Blockchains And Cryptocurrencies?



It isn’t just data that increases by the minute. With the phenomenal growth and use of data and the technology to use it for analytics the demand for education and training is certainly also increasing every minute. So are the jobs and demand for trained professionals.

The blockchain technology with its root in cryptocurrencies forerunner Bitcoin is one of the innovations that has transformed digital money transactions. And since money and business go together it has worked excellently for all industries associated and has become a part and parcel of every new innovative solution in industries like real estate, healthcare, sports, banking, logistics, insurance and you name it!

Doing your masters in Blockchain is certainly a good idea and can help you make a career in this nascent field if you have a reputed and reliable training partner like Imarticus Learning. Let us explore why such an option will help since so few training institutes offer this option.

How training courses help:

Aspirants for a Blockchain career will find that there are quality institutes that offer masters in Blockchain training. Here are some benefits of doing such a course.

  • They offer courses for professionals upgrading their skills as well as for the career-starters or freshers.
  • Blockchain technology is a practical-oriented course that cannot be learned in isolation. Hence practical vertical-relevant training becomes essential and can help you stand out from the other aspirants.
  • The professional certification offered is generally accepted as a measure of your skills and practical applications. The more reputed the institute or certifying authority the better the course is.
  • Employers look for certifications when hiring since practical skills of the job aspirant will add value and help explore the scalability of blockchain technology.
  • The training courses are affordable, offered in both classroom and virtual modes or a combination of them, and focus on providing practical skills of the adaptive blockchain technology.
  • Such training courses are generally short and intensive ways of making a career or a career change in the emerging fields.
  • The project work, assignments, case studies, etc add to your portfolio and are industry-relevant.
  • Most reputed training partners are professionally accredited with the best-in-the-industry certifying agencies.
  • There is a wide variety of online resources that are explored in such training courses.
  • Such certifications often offer credits and PDUs which allow you to take professional certifying examinations where experience is needed. The credits indicate you have the right knowledge and practical skills which can be used to measure and certify you as a professional.

The top training options:

The top institutes who offer a formal degree like the masters in Blockchain are: 

  1. The Liechtenstein University is among the Blockchain training pioneers. They offer both fintech and blockchain training courses as a Certificate course. One of the most friendly and open countries the Liechtenstein government is contemplating a new Blockchain Act which will ensure standards and measures to regulate the use of this potentially useful technology.
  2. The Cyprus based University of Nicosia does offer the first formal MSc- Digital Currency degree. This online degree is alliteration for the masters in Blockchain.
  3. The first course with blockchain accreditation is offered by UCLA. The course is new on the blocks and offers 4 credits on blockchain technology.
  4.  Reputed universities like the MIT, Stanford, Princeton, NYU, and many others also offer courses on blockchain and Bitcoin technologies in both formal and MOOC modes.
  5. Doing a full-time career-oriented training course at a reputed academy like Imarticus with the Blockchain Course. A large number of reputed training institutes like Imarticus Learning have mushroomed globally who offer excellent and practical-oriented training courses with certification.
  6. Accredited training partners of reputed universities like Imarticus, upgrade etc also offer online PG courses in blockchain technology.
  7. Large tech companies like the Linux Foundation are also interested in training people on blockchains and offer training courses.


The blockchain technology is booming and it has the potential to disrupt any industry it is used in. Many sectors like healthcare, real estate, education, insurance, and the traditional banking system have already benefitted from it. High demand for professionals with professional certifications makes blockchains an excellent career choice because the industry needs professional accountants, managers, analysts, developers, programmers and such to grow and realize its potential.

The Blockchain courses offered by Imarticus Learning is excellent because it also offers modules on personality and resume development along with a vertical-specific syllabus and assured placements to help you get a career head-start in this promising industry. Start your course today!

For more details, you can also contact us through the Live Chat Support system or can even visit one of our training centers based in - Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Banglore, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Ahmedabad.

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