The Key Role of Fintech in Developing Smart Cities

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What is a smart city?

Unlike the old times when smart cities of the world could be counted on fingers, today every country has several smart cities which operate with modern technology to provide an easy and quality lifestyle to the inhabitants. The concept of a smart city focuses on the usage of available technology and modern equipment in day-to-day functioning so that people can make use of it residing in their cities.

Amenities like transport, banking, public convenience, education, health, and housing are infused with modern and technological advancements to promote an ideal lifestyle.

Role of fintech in smart cities

Apart from different factors that contribute to the development of a smart city, finance acts as the backbone. All the decisions and functioning are based on finance. Having a modern and web-based financial system can bring about favorable changes in a city making it a perfect place to live.

  1. Modern banking system

When it comes to a smart city, the banking structure and functioning must be strong enough to suffice the needs of all the residents efficiently. Fintech has facilitated the banking structure by providing personalized banking services to customers. These services are tailor-made and can be altered at any time. Along with that, online banking facilities and ATMs are widely run by various fintech corporations in collaboration with the banks.

  1. Smart Market

Fintech creates a marketplace for smart buyers who use a digital model for transacting. In various shopping complexes and stores, fintech corporations use disparate applications and portals for payment methods. Generally, smart cities have more modern stores as compared to small cities or towns. This is because of the wider usage of fintech.

  1. Public payments

Governments operating in smart cities try to facilitate the residents through e-payment methods for paying for electricity bills, taxes, rents, and different fees. Governments collaborate with fintech corporations to provide these mechanisms so that the public can use resources effectively and safely. This way fintech operates in the background fulfilling our daily needs.

  1. Deliveries and rental taxi services

It is quite evident that all the metropolitan and smart cities operate with great dependence on spot deliveries and taxi services. These companies also make use of fintech organizations as intermediaries for the payments to be made safely.

Today, more than 80% of deliveries of food items or general items are made through online payments and the same is the case with taxi services which make use of various applications and portals for the payments to be made. This digitalization of transactions has only been possible through fintech.

 Future of Fintech

Considering the present status of fintech, it can be easily predicted that in the coming couple of years fintech will dominate the whole world, making it a modern hub.

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