How Digitization Will Change the Future of Finance: The Digital DNA of Fintech?

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The digitization of finance will have a profound effect on the future of Fintech, and it is already changing how companies do business. The digital DNA of Finance has allowed for new opportunities to be created by companies who can use this new technology to reach customers in ways they could never have before.

This also allows for the potential that more people will be interested in MBA programs focused on Fintech as well. It has increased the demand for specialists in FinTech and has made them harder to find. MBA in Fintech is an on-demand degree that provides you with all the tools necessary to succeed in the financial services industry.

How will Digitization change the future of the fintech industry?

Digitization is changing the world as we once knew it. It has changed how people interact with each other, and now it’s starting to change finance. The digital DNA of Fintech varies widely from country to country, but one thing that remains constant is its exponential growth in the last five years.

Here are some predictions on what digitization will do for Fintech:

- The Economist predicts that by 2020 mobile banking revenue will exceed desktop revenues.

- According to Accenture research, 85% of all customer transactions could be handled by digital channels within the next decade.

- It is predicted that 90% of all financial services in the US will be provided digitally, saving an estimated $900 billion a year for banks and other providers.

- The top 30 global fintech organizations raised over 12 billion dollars collectively in 2016, which was up from only about half of that amount just two years ago. It’s clear to see how this industry has been exploding with innovation!

MBA in Fintech coursesThis also implies that the demand for specialists in Fintech is increasing. MBA in Fintech is one such degree that will equip you with the skills to thrive and harness this opportunity.

Why should graduates consider making a career in the fintech industry?

Today, there is a high demand for people with finance and technology skills. This demand is expected to grow substantially with digitization, making it an excellent time for potential professionals considering this career path who want a high salary and strong employment prospects.

The MBA in Fintech program equips students to take on the challenges of this ever-changing landscape by providing them with an understanding of all the aspects of the fintech industry. It will also give you exposure to a diverse set of industries that are taking advantage of advanced management concepts such as Big Data analytics and mobile commerce.

Master the skills of digital transformation & investment management with Imarticus Learning

With digitization changing the way we live, work and do business, finance is no exception. Finance professionals across industries are undergoing a digital transformation to better serve their clients’ needs with this shift of focus from traditional banking activities to innovative solutions for financial services.

Imarticus Learning offers online MBA courses that equip you with the skills needed to succeed in this challenging but very rewarding industry. With a broad understanding of technology, business, and finance, MBA students become highly sought-after as they are able to offer financial advice on complex transactions involving digital assets.

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