The Career Opportunities That A FinTech Startup Offers

Fintech and Startup – two words that have caught the imagination of job seekers worldwide. Everyone wants to be in on a piece of the action. But before you jump headlong into either of these two sectors, it would be a good idea to understand the different roles in a fintech startup so that you can align your skillsets accordingly, or pick up new skills if required.
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Graphics Designer and UI/UX Specialist

The biggest factor that determines how successful a fintech startup would be is the kind of user interface (UI) it has, and the user experience (UX) it offers. So there are the lot of opportunities for skilled UX/UI experts who have exposure to UI prototyping, UX writing, visual communication, interaction design and of course the required coding. Graphics design is another important aspect and good web designers will always be in demand, especially those who have exposure to mobile-only applications.

Product Engineer

The products and offerings need to be developed in an agile environment so that more and more products and product variants can be rolled out in shorter sprints. Product engineers having experience and skills in this kind of product development approach would be highly regarded and always in demand.

Product Manager

This role would need someone with product engineering experience as well as the ability to productively interact with financial institutions as well as payment merchants with the help of use cases so that he can drive buy-ins and adoption of his offerings.

Cloud Management Specialists

More and more fintechs are moving away from heavy investments in infrastructure and instead they are opting to move their backend and most of their offerings to a cloud-based environment. A cloud manager would need not only the technical expertise but also have a strong grip on the essentials of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

Data Scientist

Like in every industry sector, fintechs also have begun to rely on the mining static as well as unstructured or dynamic data so that the offerings can be used by those outside the traditional channels. The data scientist would play a major role in this, and use his analytics to help the fintech provide more customized offerings according to the customer segment targeted.

Digital Marketing

The entire gamut of advertising channels on digital mediums would need to be harnessed so that the correct customer segments can be profitably targeted.

Content Specialists

Working in tandem with the digital marketing team would be a team of content writers who would design the content to be used in the digital marketing efforts. Fintech being a comparatively new and still evolving area, this team would need to come up with thought-provoking as well as curiosity-generating content on social media, blogs, and other public forum from where large-scale adoption of the offerings can be driven.
As you can see, there are a number of exciting career options in fintech, and the great thing about being part of a fintech startup is that you might also get the opportunity to don multiple hats and pick up additional skills.
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