How to Build a Career in Data Science?

In order to start off on your journey of building a career in the field of data science, it is important for you to thoroughly analyse both the field and yourself in order to ensure the compatibility of the two. Generally speaking, any Data science professional, or Data Scientist as they are commonly known is supposed to have a certain skill set.
This skill set must include various skills and techniques like business expertise, data maneuverability, knowledge of SQL and other programming languages, a curious outlook towards their job, knowledge about the nuances of IT, receptiveness when it comes to teamwork, and most importantly the statistical expertise and ability to access to data.
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Thus, this skill set provides a candidate with the perfect amount of capabilities and opportunities to build a rewarding career in data science for themselves. Customization is the rule of the day in today’s economic setup, with every single firm out there trying their best to provide accurate and astute services to their target audiences. With the access to social media and the internet increasing manifold, simultaneously increasing is the need of professionals who are required to go through tons of information in order to find out the exact insights which would be needed to help the company achieve massive profits.
This is probably why many job searching sites reflect an increasing number of position offerings for professionals who are interested in the field of Data Science. So if you happen to be one such professional, then there are a lot of options for you to try out for in this field. These positions could range anything from a Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Mining Engineer, and Data Architect and of course the Data Scientist and many others. All of these positions do require an individual to be able to demonstrate all of the skills mentioned above.
With more and more big named companies like Oracle, Apple, Microsoft and Walmart demanding professionals working in the data science industry increases, at the same time there is also a great demand in general for such professionals. If we are to go by what a number of surveys are saying, by this year there are estimated to be more than 20,000 openings for data science professionals all over the world.
In order to grow your career in Data Science, it is necessary for you to have certain educational requirements. These don’t really refer only to the fact that you need to belong to a certain educational background, but they actually refer to the amount of knowledge that you have when it comes to certain data programming or data analytical tools.
These tools include R Programming, SAS Programming, Hadoop, SQL, Python, Hive and so on. Today there are so many institutes out there, both internationally and nationally that offer short-term training courses, in order to train professionals in the usage of such tools.In India especially there Imarticus Learning which is one such institute that offers industry endorsed courses in Data Science and Analytics.
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