Take the right step and build the future you want with this banking and finance certification

Take the right step and build the future you want with this banking and finance certification

Banking and finance encompass a major portion of business processes. Companies have to invest, make payments and complete everyday operations in order to thrive, and this is where banking and finance professionals can assist. There are multiple finance and banking certification courses that teach relevant topics and include practical training for the use of modern technologies. The PGPNAB program on New-Age Banking from Imarticus Learning is one such course. It is meant for students who wish to make their mark in the financial sector. 

Why Choose a Career in Banking and Finance?

There are several career options after graduation for those who wish to become professionals in the field of banking and finance. The corporate industry is experiencing growth and therefore opportunities are increasing. Graduates can decide on a career in banking or finance for the following reasons. 


  • Professional Advancement


Every company has to deal with investments, accounts, and finances. Corporate companies have to work with banks to process their payments. Therefore, there is a demand for experts in banking and finance. As a professional in the field, there are several opportunities for consistent growth. Businesses often look for experts who can research market trends and analyze financial data to provide accurate insights related to the financial health of the companies. Candidates who can communicate well and have contacts in the industry will experience quick professional growth in these fields. Proper communication can help build partnerships and land valuable clients. 


  • High Salary


The salary packages offered by companies to finance and banking professionals are extremely lucrative. In the banking and finance sectors, potential candidates usually offer expertise in areas like research analysis, financial analysis, business analytics, and financial management. Since these jobs are extensive and require in-depth knowledge, companies tend to pay very well. Financial managers can often take commissions or set their hourly rates depending on the tasks or assets they have to manage. Professionals working with specific companies can also expect salary hikes as the business develops. 


  • Endless Scope


The world of banking and finance is evolving and there is a lot of scope for candidates who are at the start of their careers. Employees who are focused on their tasks and are quick to come up with new solutions can expect to steadily climb the corporate ladder. One can also opt for further education and complete courses that include new-age methodologies in banking and finance. Working professionals too can enroll in diploma programs to ensure career advancement. 

How Can a Degree in Banking and Finance Help? 

Completing a banking and finance online course from an institute like Imarticus Learning can help aspirants land well-paying jobs in reputable companies. The curriculum created by Imarticus Learning includes topics like quantitative finance, financial management, as well as banking, and financial economics. These help students build their expertise and learn more about how the industry functions and what they can contribute to it. Imarticus Learning's PGP in New-Age Banking is industry orientated program and students will receive hands-on training.

Activities are organized by industry experts that require students to solve real problems. The program is monitored by experienced instructors and students can interact during the live lessons. Such interactions help them develop soft skills and build contacts. Graduates can go on to specialize in digital banks, app banks, or branchless banks.

They can also become experts in BFSI digitization. Thus a degree in banking and finance can help aspirants gain immense knowledge and become experts in their areas of interest. 

A PG diploma in banking and finance is for both recent graduates and working professionals. Imarticus Learning ensures placements and supports all students throughout the process of getting interviewed and landing a job.

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