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Companies all over the world are looking to hire business graduates. It is such a global phenomenon that most of the job market is dominated by it. This has also hiked up the number of students going for an MBA degree as companies are looking for executives with an MBA. 

An MBA can be a very lengthy and expensive course in India and a lot of students cannot afford them. Also, since there is also mandatory attendance needed in most of these courses, a lot of the time, students who are currently working cannot attend them. For that reason, there are some PG Diploma in Management courses that can help you. In this article, we will discuss the PGDM course from the Birla Institute of Management Technology and how it can help you forward in your career. 

What is a PGDM? 

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A PGDM, or a Post Graduate Diploma in Management, is a 2-year long course offered by many business institutes. Many autonomous business institutions offer this course, which is often a good and much cheaper alternative to MBA courses. 

Students can also choose from different specialisations in the course. For the Birla Institute of Management PGDM course, you can choose from two very popular specialisations: AI and Data Science, and Fintech. 

These courses teach students practical business and management techniques that can help them in their careers and make them the leaders of tomorrow. These courses are also often online and, thus, accessible even to students who are working. 

Why is a PG Diploma in Management Important for Your Career? 

There are many reasons behind choosing a PG Diploma in Management course for your career. 

  • Industry-oriented, up-to-date business knowledge and management techniques are taught in these classes. Making it possible for students to prepare for a career in management. 
  • The course structure of this course is also more practical than normal MBA courses. 
  • It also caters to the unique skills and demands of the students by letting them choose their preferred specialisation from multiple industry-relevant options. 
  • One of the main reasons why these courses are important for management students is because of networking. Courses like this allow students to get used to the business world and make connections there that will help them in the future. 
  • And lastly, but most importantly, these courses give students many placement opportunities by the time they graduate. This means they will not only have experience in internships but also find great placement opportunities with organisations. 

The Features of a Great PG Diploma in Management 

Here are some of the features that you should look for in a PGDM course. 

  • It should have an industry-oriented course and curriculum that can help you build up practical knowledge about the business and management world. 
  • The course should have online live classes as well as recorded classes that students can access later. 
  • Make sure that the courses also offer you job and placement support. 
  • Last but not least, the courses should be taught by industry specialists who have extensive knowledge of the subject that they are teaching. The faculty often has a great role to play in a student’s life. 

What Does the PGDM Course from Birla Institute of Management Technology Offer? 

Here are some of the features of the Birla Institute of Management and Technology’s PGDM Course in partnership with Imarticus Learning

  • Live online training for students. 
  • Industry-oriented specialisation options of Fintech and AI & Data Science. 
  • Top industry partners include CITI Bank, JP Morgan, HSBC and others. 
  • Mentors that will help you through the program. The course also provides you with opportunities to have interactions with successful BIMTECH alumni. 
  • The course offers career support options such as resume building, interview prep workshops and profile enhancement. 
  • The curriculum follows the latest trends in the business and management field. It is designed to give the students the best guidance and support in their learning. Relevant skills such as Marketing Management, Organisational Behaviour, Data Analysis and HR Management are part of the curriculum. If you choose the Fintech Specialisation, you will get in-depth knowledge about Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and other similar subjects. Similarly, in AI and Data Science, you will be taught Big Data Processing, Data Science with Python and much more.  

What is the Process of Getting into the BIMTECH PGDM Course in Collaboration with Imarticus Learning? 

  • If you want to get into the BIMTECH’s Post Graduate Diploma in Management course that is available on Imarticus Learning’s platform then you have to have secured at least 50% marks (or equivalent CGPA) in your Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised university.
  • You have to register for the program first and then sit for the entrance exam. 
  • Then you must pay the registration fee and get an offer for provisional admission. 
  • After that, you must upload all the relevant documents to the website. 
  • You will be called for a personal interview. Then, you can apply for the course if you are selected. 


The PGDM from Birla Institue of Management and Technology partnered with Imarticus Learning is an excellent and advanced online postgraduate diploma program. You can find the best course and curriculum with excellent faculty. If you want to excel in your business and management career then this course is the perfect match for you. 

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