Pokémon Go – Why is it so popular?

Pokémon was originally an animation show by The Pokémon Company and was aired in the year the year 1995. It began as a game on the ‘Gameboy’ and was soon turned into an animated franchise by the combined efforts of Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak. Since day 1, this show had garnered immense popularity, and at the height of its fame, had scores of teenagers as its viewers.
Recently, Nintendo launched Pokémon Go as a mobile application, thus bringing together a clever marketing ploy, a health benefiting agenda and made optimum use of the nostalgia attached to the franchise.
Pokémon Go is fast becoming the most sought after application today. Here is some fascinating data we have found so far:

  • In U.S.A alone there have been more than 60% of people downloading the app.
  • This proves that more than 3% of Android users in USA are using this application on a daily basis, nearing the usage of Twitter.
  • People have no problem with the data usage of this app, which is believed to be a lot owing to the graphics. Surprisingly this is not the case, as data analytic experts claim it does even use data as much as Google Maps.
  • Pokémon Go has more than 10 million users already and the number is definitely bound to increase!
  • This application has achieved the most amount of data retention, in just weeks of its launch and has clearly stood out at the standard time a user takes to dislike an app; which in this case, is almost negligible.
  • The fact that there are a number of data analytics in terms of the audience targeted, the age groups, the trends and the fact that this app is literally bringing people out of their houses.
  • Pokémon Go seems to have taken over the world with being downloaded in countries where the app hasn’t even been officially released yet. Appkmirror which a secondary site to download the app has had almost 4 million visits since the launch.

If the stats are to be believed, then Pokémon Go certainly seems to be taking over the world. This presents an incredible opportunity to various firms to invest in this application, as well as to generate more sales, through luring customers to their outlets.

Apart from the primary glitches like the server rundowns, people getting hurt, trespassing or disrespecting a solemn site, this application still seems to be going strong.
Data Analytics will play a major role in further development of the app, thus adding more impetus to career prospects of a Data Scientist.
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Written by Imarticus Team

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