Overview of Careers in Finance

The field of Finance is often said to be all about the science of money management. A career in Finance would entail coordinating between assets and liabilities. The finance industry is popularly known to provide lucrative careers and demand intellect of the highest order. As a rule, this prestigious industry attracts a lot of aspirants looking for a career with great opportunities.

Possession of just a graduate degree thins the chances of getting into this field. Thus, it becomes important to either be an MBA or have a higher degree to guarantee a smooth entry herein. There are many courses like certification programs in investment banking, courses in corporate finance and so on. There are a lot of programs offering training to clear various finance exams and acquire certain designations and licenses. Lately a lot of institutes have started offering programs to clear the CFA exams (Chartered Financial Analyst) as well as for the license required to enact certain kind of transactions. One can go for any such short term or long term course to enhance their resume and better their career prospects.

Investment Banking is the most sought after career in Finance. Today, Banks are no longer limited to being agents of withdrawal and depositing of money. There are many types of banks like the investment banks, which act as financial advisors to firms, hedge funds wherein the money of wealthy individuals and companies is managed, the difference here is that there are huge risks taken when it comes to buying and selling public stocks.

Then there are Private Equity firms, which instead of buying securities (stocks) by entire corporations and make convert them into private entities. These firms then either get the corporation entirely under their own banner, or improve their financial situation to earn profits. There are also real estate firms which have their dealings in buying or developing already existing real estate projects. There are firms which deal in ‘real money’ which go on to invest money in various firms to reap the benefits of the same.

There are a lot of roles that a career in Finance offers and a college degree is not always required for them. There are a lot of aspirants, who tend to start off a stint with banks and then after a considerable experience, move on to get a MBA degree. It is imperative to know that investment banking jobs usually have cut-throat competition and roles here include mergers and acquisitions, providing financial advices in terms of financial modeling, evaluation of the firm and so on.

Financial analyst and Financial Advisors also are jobs of substance, if one is very interested to work with data and draw relevant insights; the former career is always preferred. The job profile of a Financial Advisor, with the flexibility of the work and the proximity to the clients as well as the fact that the competition is less, is chosen by quite a few. There are many other career profiles like working for hedge fund firms, private equity firms, portfolio managing jobs, trading, analyst jobs etc. There are also Investment Banking Media jobs, where someone with great communication skills and a sparkling knowledge of the market can work with media houses.

The field of Finance offers high quality careers which demand individuals with great intellect and motivation, in addition to the challenging environment and great compensation. The fact that there is such high competition to get into this field, goes to prove that one needs to have refined skill set for the same.

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