Myths Vs Reality for Making a Career in Finance

Are you a perfectionist, love detail-oriented tasks, would you call yourself a person with high integrity, do people perceive you as someone they look up to for advice? Do people around you rely on your suggestions? Do you have moderate to inquisitive levels of problem-solving ability? do you have a keen eye for detail? Now if your answer to most of the questions as ‘Yes’, then you are an ideal fit in most industries, however, if you are a person who can, and to an extend enjoys working with numbers? Then your option of working in Finance will leverage your existing skills.
It is then important that you evaluate the option of entering the field of finance, based on facts rather than the myths that surround this profession. There are many misconceptions about the entry, environment and growth opportunities in this field.
Let’s set straight a few myths and make an attempt to clear your viewpoint so that you can make an informed decision about the career options ahead of you.

For a strong and significant career in finance, you need to be a business graduate

You will be surprised to know that there are many art students who have worked on Wallstreet, thanks to their professional and networking skills, yes, you need to find the right mentors, and network to get the right internships which can lead to full-time opportunities.

A career in financial services means there is absolutely no social life, it has incredible long hours

Every career in the initial years will demand more of you, it will take up all your time and energy, but as you grow up there will definitely be some relief, you need to be a person who can perform under pressure, thrive under demanding deadlines, you basically need to understand your abilities, if you are positive under adversity and can function with lack of sleep, because you enjoy what you do, then you will look at the bigger picture of when the mode will change, and you will be able to define your work patterns, integrating your other priorities with work.

You need to be a genius in numbers to build a career in finance

It is true you need to understand numbers and should have an ease to work with them, so a course or two in finance or accounting will assist you to perform better. But companies are only looking for so much in financial ability. What sets apart one employee from another, is emotional intelligence and attributes leading to it, like, people skills, communication skills, presentation skills, intuition, critical thinking skills, negotiating skills, creativity etc.., so you must know your math, but that can be learned or sharpened, to excel you need to have the above-mentioned attributes or the ability to develop them on the job.

Women cannot enter this field easily, and even if they do growth is impossible

This is the biggest myth of them all. You will surely be in minority in this field, but that could be your biggest advantage. What you say in meetings will be heard as you will be different, always in the spotlight. How you handle it is up to you, as your mistakes will also be remembered with the same clarity, but if you are passionate and confident about your job the difference in gender is your biggest advantage.
So don’t let the myths deter you in considering a career in finance, the above were but a few misconceptions, there might be many more, but a point to note is that there are many opportunities for almost any skills you might possess in the field of financial services, as far as you have an ease of working with numbers.
Our advice to you is Research more to understand the Field of Finance clearly.

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