Banking Courses in Mumbai - Placement Process

Banking Career - Placement Scenario

Career Placement Assistance is a crucial aspect of the Imarticus Learning curriculum and the placement team at Imarticus provides 100% assistance throughout the program to guide and help navigate ample career options. Our 8-step career preparation process will ensure that candidates have access to the best opportunities the industry has to offer.
Alongside learning, the Imarticus Career Services team helps secure the best possible opportunities and provide guidance and assistance at every step. With over 15 years of experience in Human Resources, Talent Development and Sourcing, our team possesses strong established networks in the industry.

The Career Services team offers two key services:

Placement Assistance

The Imarticus Career Services team is the primary liaison between recruiting companies and students. They leverage our Industry Council and Board of Advisors to ensure that the best opportunities are provided to our students. Throughout the year, our account managers are in touch with the industry and are continually updated with the company hiring needs. They provide candidate-briefing packs (video resumes, CVs, profile) to the recruiters, and work with them in tandem to ensure that Imarticus students are placed appropriately. At Imarticus, we believe there is a ‘right job for the right candidate’ and are committed to finding that job for each one of our students

Career Preparation:

Career Services will provide dedicated support to ensure that each Imarticus student is ready for his chosen career.
This includes:

  • Communication, Presentation, and Business Etiquette workshops
  • Resume Writing: Guided resume writing practical workshops, and faculty and peer resume reviews
  • Interview Prep: Multiple Mock Interviews and Video Recorded interviews (where required) with professional critiques to improve and polish each student’s interviewing skills
  • Counselling: Complete assistance in all career-related decisions from experienced professionals

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Placement Process in Imarticus

Our 8-step career preparation process will ensure that candidates have access to the best opportunities the industry has to offer.

Step 1: Counseling

Imarticus Career Counselors will provide counsel and advise students in their careers keeping in mind the skill set and interest of every student.

Step 2: Unique Certification

The Imarticus certificate is unique and industry designed, and will truly differentiate our candidate from the rest of the applicants.

Step 3: Company Selection

With over 15 years of experience in human resources and talent development, the Imarticus team possesses strong established networks within the industry.
In addition, through our Industry Alliances, we have:

  • Strong relationships with senior management and human resources across the investment banking industry
  • An in-depth understanding of hiring requirements
  • The Imarticus Advisory and Industry Council comprising of senior representatives across all firms who play an important role in the placement process

Step 4: Job Preparation

The team at Imarticus provides dedicated support to ensure that each Imarticus student is ready for their chosen career. Through communication workshops and counselling, every student is offered complete assistance in all career-related decisions from experienced professionals. Please see the blog post on our soft skills or Emotional Intelligence training.

Step 5: Interview Preparation

The career preparation team will ensure that you are completely prepared for your interviews and provide you with tools that will help you handle both one-on-one interactions and group discussions with confidence. These include multiple mock interview sessions which will be video recorded where necessary. This will be followed up with professional critiques, which will pinpoint your weaknesses and strengths and get you ready to ace the selection process.

Step 6: 100% Commitment

Students will have full support until they are placed, and we are committed to finding the right job for the right candidate.

Step 7: On the Job

Imarticus introduces opportunities while teaching you practical job skills and real-world knowledge. Imarticus will not only place you but also kickstart your career so you advance quickly.

Step 8: Alumni

During your time here at Imarticus, you will create a network that will last a lifetime. This network is a critical part of your career preparation as it will act as a support system that adds value to both your personal and professional life. We encourage you to keep in touch.

Details of placement & sector wise student placement

Despite the lacklustre job market, the last year was a successful placement year as Imarticus Learning leveraged its network and took great care in preparing students for the interview process. Students were put through almost five sessions of Aptitude test training as well as three rounds of mock interviews.
So far Imarticus has placed over 85% of its students and is in the process of placing the rest. Sectors include derivatives, Equity Research houses, Treasury Operations of bulge bracket Investment Banks, Finance & Product Control, IB Software development, fund Accounting and securities operations. Students are also being placed in the Corporate Finance divisions of large conglomerates. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to placements. Instead, we evaluate the candidate and understand their ambitions. Salaries are offered in a range of Rs 2 lacs per annum to Rs 9 lac per annum.
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List of Institutes

Imarticus Learning has strong networks in the industry and we place across global and domestic bulge bracket investment banks, boutique investment banks, brokerage firms, equity research houses, KPO’s, and large and small companies.
Companies include Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Tresvista, Axience, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Northern Trust.

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