Must-have Soft Skills for Investment Bankers

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What Does an Investment Banker Do?

A career path in the financial market is getting the attention of high-qualified professionals, as it has a good salary and career prospects. In the financial accounting roles, an investment banker is a very profitable track, but also a very complex one. An investment banker can be hired either by an individual or by an institution with the aim of raising capital for a company.

In this sense, the investment banker is a facilitator, an advisor who manages risks wisely, increasing liquidity and profit. An investment banker will be a figure who will carry out complicated transactions, issue securities, documenting, and communicating decisions made on behalf of their clients. Moreover, this advisor will take care of the shares offered by the private entities in the public market.

Investment Banker Profile

Being a complex transaction dealmaker is a job that needs high standards and qualifications. This means that the professional needs an advanced finance background. Not only is there a need for knowledge of the financial markets, but also a deep understanding of math.

best JAIN MBA online coursesHowever, if the idea is to enhance the professional trajectory, certifications, diplomas, and relevant experience will always be vital.

An international, industry-based MBA in investment banking will not only provide a robust curriculum but also a critical mindset to cope with the challenge.

The Must-Have Soft Skills

As aforementioned, investment banking is a deeply analytical career. In this case, this means that the professional will need to be competent to use a diverse set of banking tools, understand and master the accounting principles, have a systemic deep comprehension of the company’s cost structure, liquidity, core strategic and financial performance. To summarise, culture, finance, and stakeholders’ management encompass the non-extensive list, to align and comprehend the goal, mission, and purposes of the top management at the core of each company. 

All in all, this means the professional must be efficient and resilient to cope with the varied set of missions. Being able to work under pressure within a team, smiling through long days, building a tough shell and being a hard nut to crack, are some of the qualities that are needed. This will be complemented with a high sense of responsibility and transparency through the transactions. All this together with deep knowledge about innovation, cutting-edge industries and technology. 

Advanced Skill Learning from Imarticus

The challenge seems to be quite big, and sometimes impossible. However, with the right education and guidance, becoming a top-level professional in the new age of investment banking is possible. Imarticus offers a high-level quality program from India’s prestigious JAIN University.

The degree has adapted to the dynamic panorama derived from the COVID-19, including innovative technological tools, to have solid online learning about every paradigm of the cutting-edge New Age FinTech solutions and Investment Banking Operations. This degree will be a unique asset to your career development, enriched with the development of critical, entrepreneurial skills.

With the JAIN MBA strong career support supplementary program, you will get connected to the international level alumni and to high impact recruiters, enhancing your chances with an added 1-to-1 mentorship to ensure access to a competitive job market.


If you are looking for a very competitive career path in the banking sector, specifically in investment and equity matters, having a strong background will not be a plus but a primary requirement. Apply now to the JAIN MBA degree in Investment Banking and Equity Research to skyrocket your career.

The world is rapidly changing and adapting, you should as well. Apply to our program and learn from the experts about the best banking tools to catapult you into the career of your dreams.

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