Reliance Realty to Build Fintech Center in Navi Mumbai


The emergence of the amalgamation of technology and finance-related knowledge has created a consistent demand for banking services, fintech evolution, catering to the financial and insurance segment services, IT and cloud-based services and technology, the NBFC sector services and in keeping with the flow the growth of knowledge and training centers and institutes. Over the next two decades, this is expected to be the growing, return-oriented and most rapidly developing the economic sector. The state and central governments also have gone all out to promote and have a growth policy in place for the disrupting fintech segment.
Little wonder then that very large players like Reliance also have jumped onto the bandwagon. With a current -2.78 percent on NSE, RCom has taken all necessary approvals and initiated the development of its infrastructure in a well-timed plan to use its assets to develop Navi Mumbai’s island Smart Center for Fintech through its subsidiary realty arm. The Knowledge City named after its founder Dhirubhai Ambani- DAKC will have 3 million sft leasable and saleable space spread over a sprawling 132 acres campus in the satellite Navi Mumbai city. The Maharashtra Government, DIT and MIDC have approved the move lending credence to the promotion of Fintech in Maharashtra. The project is being touted as being twice the available space of the business complex in the busy industrial area of Bandra-Kurla of the city of Navi Mumbai.
RCom was recently in the eye of the debt-storm with an outstanding debt amounting to a little over 46 thousand crores in rupees and its filing an insolvency application in February 2019. Among its leading 40 creditors are Chinese and domestic banks besides Ericson. Using the route of restructuring of Strategic Debts, working on the sale of its spectrum, and the sale of its Nippon subsidiary, R Com had promised its creditors like the European Ericson to repay 550-cr Rs and defaulted forcing them to approach the highest court and NCL tribunal. The heavily indebted and financially stressed R Com has yet to begin its payments and the time-bound NCLT fast-tracked resolution is yet to see progress, which has been the situation for over nearly a year-and-a-half now. As of today, the creditors have not received any proceeds and the resolution plans which are underway, seem a long way off.
Swedish Ericsson has been baying for blood and repayment causing RCom and its subsidiaries RTelecom and RInfratel are also expected to file for insolvency separately. In an NCLT aided move for debt repayment and tardy resolution, the NCLT was quick to point out that the drawn-up plans are subject to speedy debt resolution and debtor repayments in a transparent manner where the funds from monetization of assets will need to be fast-tracked since the 270 day framework prescribed is fast drawing to its end. On the other hand, Shri Anil Ambani the Chairman has always claimed the plot which was the corporate hub of its operations had a developable market-value of 25,000 Cr in rupees.
Concluding Notes:
On an ending note, the establishment of the smart center for fintech in Maharashtra at Navi Mumbai sees the Reliance giant utilizing its property of over 132 acres in setting up an over 3 million sft state-of-the-art facility. The nearly finished and bankrupt titan hopes to be in the thick of the fintech revolution with this move for a structured government backed monetization initiative. Whether this move will bail out the stressed industrial giant is yet to be seen. However, it is aligned with the state policy to promote and develop the Fintech sector as its newest gambit in industrial development.
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