Is Mathematics Required To Implement Blockchain Solutions in Business?


Yes, the good mathematical ability will be required if you intend to implement blockchains in business. Especially when you are a data analyst, ML programmer or in the finance areas of the business. And, it isn’t just data that increases by the minute. With the phenomenal growth and use of data analytics and the technology for it, the demand for education and training is certainly also increasing every minute. So are the jobs and demand for trained professionals.
Data is today’s gold in businesses. Blockchains use the scrutiny of information to analyze data using various techniques and tools. The results that the data analysts derive from the data available are used by their employers or clients to make informed decisions. So also programmers, algorithm writers, architects and engineers in blockchain technology all use data, databases from various sources, and the principles of analytics which include mathematics, probability, SQL, and such concepts for making predictions and gaining insights from data. Thus, one will need mathematics to gain Blockchain certification and understand how the blockchain technology works.
The blockchain technology with its root in cryptocurrencies forerunner Bitcoin is one of the innovations that have transformed digital money transactions. And since money and business go together it has worked excellently for all industries associated and has become a part and parcel of every new innovative solution in industries like real estate, healthcare, sports, banking, logistics, insurance and you name it!
Let’s explore what you need to scale a blockchain solution. Doing your Blockchain certification is certainly a good idea and can help you make a career in this nascent field if you have a reputed and reliable training partner like Imarticus Learning.
The skills needed for blockchain experts:
To be successful as blockchain implementer you will need the following skills:
Excellent mathematical ability: Your comfort levels should include statistics, algebra, calculus, financial formulae and the techniques of data analysis.
Knowledge of financial concepts: Solving of logic, business problems and transactions on blockchains will need the ability to resolve common transaction problems like interest calculations, depreciation, compound interest, statistical concepts like mode, mean, median, averages, etc.
Presentation skills: To make your presentations understandable you will need a good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, the use of graphs, charts, tables and more. This is important as not all people will understand your inferences without good presentation skills.
Programming languages: Most applications use Javascript (including Java, JavaScript ES6, JSON), Golang, R, Python and the C suite for blockchains and apps. You need proficiency in programming languages like C, C#, R, Java, Python, MATLAB, PHP, etc to manipulate and effectively use data. The more the languages you learn the better.
Data cleaning, manipulation, analysis, and management: Data scientists and analysts will score if they have the ability to handle languages like HIVE, SQL, NoSQL, HyperLedger Fabric and such languages. Queries and requests are important aspects of data manipulation and hence popular tools like Cognos, SAS, Microsoft Power BI, Oracle Visual Analyzer, Tableau, Simplicity, Serpent, Solidity, Go, Rust and more are best learned to handle blockchain implementation.
Great domain knowledge and interpersonal skills: A good implementer has to excel at interpersonal skills to be able to achieve blockchain scalability. It needs team efforts, good management skills, and the ability to be able to accept feedback as no standard procedures may be present in the emerging field of blockchains. Collaboration, Communication, and Contribution are the three C’s to success!
The top blockchain jobs:
According to Glassdoor statistics, the career choices available specifically in blockchains where the Blockchain certification counts are those of the

  • Developer
  • Architects
  • Blockchain Engineers
  • Certified educators
  • Consultants
  • Market Research
  • Sales Officers
  • Logistics Officers

Blockchain technology benefits:
Technologies like Quantum Computing, Virtual Reality, Neural Networks, data analytics, AI, Augmented Reality, driver-less vehicles, smartphones, cryptos and many more have digitized the modern world and have come to prominence over the last decade. Blockchains have immense benefits for the industries adopting its technology as they reduce costs, increase process efficiency, improve productivity and ease-of-operation.
Key Takeaways:
Blockchain certification is the way to go, to land a career in the evolving and emerging field of blockchain applications across all verticals. Many sectors like healthcare, real estate, education, insurance, and the traditional banking system have already benefitted from it. Blockchain technology is booming and it has the potential to disrupt any industry it is used in. The high demand for professionals with professional certifications makes blockchains an excellent career choice. The industry is in dire need of professional accountants, managers, analysts, developers, programmers and such to grow and realize its potential.
Start your Imarticus Blockchain course today! Also for more details, you can also search for - Imarticus Learning and can drop your query by filling up a simple form from the site or can contact us through the Live Chat Support system or can even visit one of our training centers based in - Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Chennai, Banglore, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Ahmedabad.

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