What Kind of Jobs Should Young Business People Look For Blockchain Startups?

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Blockchain technology is the emerging darling of 2018 with hopeful industries incorporating it willingly. It has the potential to transform disruptively and every industry. However, the cryptocurrency markets shed almost 79 percent of their capital and the field is dogged by regulations and legal hurdles as of now.

The present fintech job market:

For terrible market and economic conditions, youngsters still love the fintech career in the blockchain field because of its potential and the emerging thrust for fintech industries. The crypto market from where it originated seemingly has had no impact on the hiring process and scope for the blockchain segment.

According to Glassdoor reports, the annual jump in recruitments for this field for August 17-18 was 300% and median salaries paid in India were above the national average salary by a considerable amount! Upwork states that for employers the most sought-after skill was blockchain technology.

Even venture capitalists in 2018 have boosted their investments 280% in blockchain industries. All these statistics are excellent for those who are interested in making their fintech career. Of course, finding the right stable job involves doing a course to develop your skills, researching jobs and the job market, training for interviews and much, much more. It is still worth it at the moment.

So, let us quickly look at what jobs are being the leaders for recruitments.

The required skills:

The trending tools, languages and technological suites required for a fintech career today are: 

  • C Suite languages like C and C#
  • Python suite languages
  • Java Suite languages including Java, JavaScript ES6, JSON, js and Javascript.
  • Simplicity, Serpent, Solidity, Go, Rust and such languages.
  • SQL and NoSQL
  • HyperLedger Fabric

Among the soft attributes required you must include

  • Innovation and creative thinking: These attributes are important in every evolving field where standard practices and technologies may not always be available. Remember to simplify attitudes and think afresh.
  • Intent, dedication, and passion: Understanding the intent of technology helps achieve the results for a better experience for clients who have a passion for new technologies. These attributes are a must with dollops of dedication thrown in.
  • The will to learn and humility: Emerging technologies and companies may be unstable. The will to learn helps build humility and the ability to take things in your stride in spite of hurdles.
  • Team spirit and communication skills: These attributes are non-negotiable for lean teams who are cross-functional and use Agile practices.

Basically, one must believe in the job and contribute to the company’s growth using the jumble-box of attributes and all skill sets mentioned above.

The top draws:

According to Glassdoor reports, youngsters will find the top US Fintech career jobs in Blockchain firms are:

1. Software Engineer: The payouts are in the range of 90,000-145,000 USD and in the US Blockstack, Chronicled and Axuall is recruiting.

2. Technology Architect: Companies like Bank of America, Amazon/AWS and the State of Colorado are hiring with payouts ranging from 100,000-160,000 USD

3. Product Manager: The salaries can run from 85,000-130,000 USD at companies like JP Morgan Chase, Cynet Corp, and Mediaocean.

4. Risk Analyst: These can get paid salaries from 85,000-105,000 USD and can find recruitments in Bank of America, Electric Power Research Institute, Veem, and such companies.

5. Analyst Relations Manager: The job fetches a median salary of 50,000-125,000 USD at companies like IBM, R3 or Accenture.

6. Front End Engineer: These can get paid between 70,000-125,000USD at companies like Binance, Gem, and Ford Motor Co.

7. Legal Counsel: These jobs pay 100,000-190,000 USD at recruiting companies like Consensys, Figure, and BitGo.

8. Business Analyst: The payouts here are 80,000-105,000 USD at hiring firms like NuArca, Bittrex, and IBM.

9. Cryptocurrency Community Manager: The job has a median payout of 35,000-95,000 USD at companies like Zeus Protocol, Dolare and Crowdcreate.

Parting notes:

In spite of a bad start, the blockchain industries are hiring and investing in the capital of human nature. Training in blockchain technology and certifications are popular with reputed institutes like Imarticus Learning.

Whether you love coding or are just looking for jobs in the next big sector try doing a Fintech course on Blockchain technology to launch your fintech career. Put your best foot forward with them for a successful career. All the best!

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