Is Investment Banking the Highest Paying Job?

Is Investment Banking the Highest Paying Job?

Investment Banking is an exciting and thriving career. Every year, lots of brilliant minds from the world's finest universities, decide to enter the world of investment banking.

Venturing into the competitive world of high finance has some well-defined merits; great pay, esteemed deals, and remarkable training. For many, investment banking is a profession that gives the best of all - job satisfaction, money and a reputable way of life.

Expensive apparels, expensive valise and a walk with pride are just the outward attributes of an investment banker course.  These days, many are two-fisted to join the extremely competitive and demanding aide of an investment banking company. This is mainly because a career in investment banking is very beneficial and rewarding.

Several educational institutions are also providing investment banking endorsements to help support the entry of candidates who wish to pursue a career in this sector. Creative, brilliant and idealistic – these are some of the qualities that many banking firms look for in a candidate.

Being an investment banker is one of the best-paying jobs available today, which means, in terms of salary, it outstrips other jobs by a huge margin. That said, the role of an investment banker is no walk in the park – it is also one of the hardest jobs there is.

The investment Banking sector is constantly on the lookout for individuals who have had investment banking training, are productive, committed, and ardent. It is a field with fierce competition, long working hours and therefore only those individuals who acquire these qualities will thrive. The field also demands individuals with high communication skills, can build and promote relationships, and make quick thoughtful decisions at each step of the journey. However, the learning process is endless, and the list could go on and on.

Investment Banker Salary

The biggest reason many individuals join this sector is that most of the banking and fintech firms provide lucrative salaries to both fresher and experienced professionals. This is primarily because these are the individuals who deal with money predominantly. All are highly ambitious and paid hefty pay cheques which can support a lavish lifestyle.
The below salaries represent the compensation average of the investment banker

  •  An Investment Banker having an experience of less than a year can earn a salary of around ₹553,500
  • An experience of 1 to 4 years in the Investment Banking field can earn the individual an average compensation of ₹687,845 (approx.)
  • An Investment Banker with a work experience of five to nine years can earn a salary of approximately ₹1,300,000
  • And finally, a senior level Investment Banker with experience of 1-2 decades can earn a compensation of ₹3,000,000 (approx.)

If you want to be a part of the dynamic world of banking, are excited by numbers, and want the coveted lavish lifestyle, then investment banking is a wonderful career choice. As a baseline, it can be an incredible training ground for entry into other professions. However, if investment banking doesn’t sound like you, then it’s time to look out elsewhere.
After all, nobody said making millions of dollars would be easy.

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