Investment Banking Job Interviews

It’s common to feel butterflies in your stomach or get goose bumps before you step in for an interview at an Investment Banking firm. But this can be avoided if you are well prepared.
Let us share with you, some of the questions asked to an Imarticus CIBOP student at a Panel Interview at a well-known Investment bank in Mumbai. CIBOP is our investment banking operations certification program.

Investment Banking Panel Interview - General Questions

1. Tell me something about yourself
2. What did you learn in your short-term course at Imarticus?

Investment Banking Panel Interview - Technical Questions

1. What are securities and derivatives and the different products of derivatives?
2. Explain the trade life cycle of exchange-traded products and OTC life cycle
3. What are the operations conducted by the three different departments in an Investment Bank?
4. Why did you choose Investment Banking as your career?
5. What are the qualities you have that make you feel you will do a good job in investment banking?
6. Tell us something about the company?

Investment Banking HR round after the Panel Interview

1. Tell me something about your family background
2. What is the difference between exchange-traded products and products traded in the OTC Market?
3. Your strengths and weakness
Lastly, they gave a brief about the openings and the salary that is being offered, confirmed if all the certificates are in place and if the candidate would be okay to work in shifts. They said they would get back to confirm the selection.
Hoping this will help you prepare for your next investment banking interview. All the best!!

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