In The Face Of Job Uncertainty, Can A Career In Big Data Protect You?

Big data involves extracting, analyzing and processing vast amounts of data using different techniques. With electronic apps proliferating through sectors and geographies, data is generated from various sources every day, everywhere, by everyone.

While big data entails sifting through unstructured data in multiple formats, the insights derived from these data dumps are invaluable to business or societal goals. Detailed knowledge of the business, through big data, will build greater efficiencies and give them an advantage over rivals in a data-driven environment.

The importance of big data has come further into light during the novel corona virus pandemic. Although the world is far away from a cure, the use of big data has allowed organisations and governments to manage the crisis, mitigate the impact as far as possible and maintain lock downs at a national level.

That said, healthcare is not the only sector that benefits from big data. Nearly every industry known to humans today can derive actionable benefits from big data, should they use it to its maximum potential.

The burning question, then, is if a big data career can keep you safe from job cuts, layoffs and furloughs. It just might, for the following reasons:

Big Data CareerA Shortage of Big Data Talent

Although there are many complexities involved in incorporating data-driven perspectives into traditional business practices, recruiting the best talent has become a consistent frustration across industries. Both as a result of this and as a precursor to this, companies have been failing to realise the full potential of big data and have been able to extract only a limited amount of insights.

A Breadth of Possibilities

Companies and industries are only just realizing the potential of big data across the board. Therefore, there is a myriad of paths to explore within the field in the coming year. This makes today an opportune time for those in looking to kickstart a big data career. Companies will be on the lookout for those with solid core competencies as well as a willingness to learn and experiment. Much of big data’s capabilities are hitherto undiscovered; big data analysts and scientists can help industries derive as much value as possible.

Evolving Technologies and Software

Technology continues to change and transform, which means new sources of data are being added into the mix. For traditionalists, this amount of data can look daunting and be misconstrued as useless. However, big data professionals can interpret these data dumps, extract value and engage in data storytelling such that big data drives business goals from the get-go. Additionally, new software is being introduced to handle niche requirements; a big data analyst or scientist with some experience in this will prove to be invaluable to a company exploring big data possibilities.

A Surge in Big Data Courses

If the number of enrollment in big data and related courses are anything to go by, then it is safe to say that interest in big data is only increasing by the day. A good big data analytics course, however, doesn’t stop just there.

It also delves into machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing because all of these are intrinsic to the process of deriving actionable insights. Any big data analyst worth their salt will strengthen their competencies in these fields first and then apply theory into practice.


A great way to get your foot in the door and strengthen your skillset is to enrol for a big data analytics course. While the job market seems to be bleak the face of a potential recession, you can offset some amount of impact if you’re pursuing a career in big data. It’s most likely to rebound from this depression and create meaning out of the noise even in difficult times.

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