Why An Unstable Job Market Has Increased Demand For Online Learning?

Online Learning

There has been an unprecedented rise in the number of lay-offs, furloughs and companies shutting down over the last few months. Job uncertainty, a bitter pill to swallow, has affected lakhs across the board, regardless of where they stand on the corporate ladder.

In the wake of this phenomenon, working professionals have turned to online courses to upskill themselves and stay ahead of the curve. So have recent and fresh graduates, who find themselves facing an upturned job market with all doors effectively barred for all but the best of the lot.

Analyses have found that the fields of artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning have been most sought out when it comes to online courses of varying lengths.

Data science Online CourseIf you’re looking to get trained online in the same fields, you’re in the right place. If you’re still on the fence about online courses in general, here is a comprehensive list of benefits that you can expect to reap:

Flexibility in the time and place of learning

You get more flexibility in studying online. You can study more easily around your existing work schedule (and your hobbies). This benefit is much better felt when you’re taking a class that allows you to learn and do assignments at your own pace. You can also choose your preferred work environment as well as use your own technology to furnish your learning as you see fit. The only prerequisites to online learning are a stable internet connection and laptop, computer or smartphone that you can attend your courses on.

Lower costs

For fresh graduates and new professionals, it can be difficult to justify dropping thousands on yet another college course or diploma. However, choosing online courses reduces costs by a significant level. You might need to pay fixed costs– such as tuition fees and book purchases– but you’ll find that the costs of travel, transport and additional day-to-day expenses reduce significantly. This is especially beneficial if you’ve got your eye on a course from an international university but haven’t been able to justify the costs of accommodation, stay and visas.

A wider range of courses

Opting for online courses gives you a more comprehensive range of topics and industries to choose from. Additionally, online learning has made courses from international universities and institutions available to those in virtually any country. By making education globally accessible, online learning significantly raises the scope of curriculums as well as the standards of teaching.

An overarching benefit of this wide range is also that graduates and professionals are able to connect with industry experts in other countries, especially if the country they’re from does not currently have the resources or the demand for such niche courses.

Building specializations

Traditional education systems often work to teach the basics of a domain or topic; however, not many offer specializations that are both useful and affordable. This gap is one that online learning can fill. Professionals and graduates can fill gaps in their skill set or pursue an education in a niche topic through online courses. This is especially useful for professionals who have sound core competencies and are ready for a higher level of analyses or research. This is also beneficial for anyone who wasn’t able to pursue a topic out of pure passion; it allows hobbies and personal interests to be catered to without the risk of jeopardising your existing career.


Whether its working professionals looking to invest their time in bettering their skillset, fresh graduates hoping to add a little extra to their resume or individuals finally getting around to learning what they’re passionate about, more and more people are turning to online courses to upskill and supplement their existing knowledge.

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