Imarticus Learning Launches Weekend Batches of Post-Graduate Program in Data Analytics for Working Professionals

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There have been a lot of ups and downs in the corporate world throughout recent years.

However, the position of data analyst or data scientist has stayed secure throughout these tumultuous times. This is one of the major reasons why there have been lots of students opting for a data science course in India. It can help you to work with a lot of renowned brands, or even help you to build your startup from scratch by letting you assess the risk-taking capacity of your company.

This is one course that can help you to pursue your dream career, and Imarticus learning is here to save your day with a data analytics course with placement offers as their new PG program for working professionals with weekend batches.

 What is a Data Analytics course?

Data Analysis comprises different technicalities and tools to extract and analyze data in a way that helps you to determine how a company works and how you can make it work better towards its goal in the future. A proper data analytics course would give you the knowledge of descriptive and advanced analysis by means of machine learning in a way that would enable you to process data through natural language processing, neural networks, sentiment analysis, and other advanced tools.

This way you will be able to find anomalies and changes in the market trends, answer questions and make predictions that would help the company to determine the profits and losses from an investment and interpret what kinds of investments they should make in the future.

 Benefits of Data Science courses in your career

 Whatever turmoil the corporate industry faces from different market trends, this is one job that never goes out of trend. This is why it is labeled as the hottest job of this century. In the financial year 2021, the data analytics market grew by $45.4 billion, which is around 26.5% more than last year.

This field is estimated to contribute 41.5% to the IT sector by 2026. Not only yours, this job literally can also make or break a company's reputation. So here are a few ways how data science courses can benefit your career.

  • It is one of the sectors with an overabundance of positions with predictions of having an even bigger impact in the corporate sector in the future, so you will never have to worry about going out of jobs.
  • The payscale matches your work output, so you will never have to complain about getting the short end of the stick.
  • Being one of the most versatile fields, this course can help you to work in almost any kind of industry from healthcare to e-commerce services. So, literally a dream job.


The future of the data science industry is standing on firm ground and blooming with opportunities. This is why the number of students wanting to learn data science courses in India as well as globally has increased by leaps and bounds.

Whether you are a student or a working professional wanting to polish your skills, as always, Imarticus learning has come forth with this golden chance of weekend batches for PG program in data science course with placement from big companies to kickstart your career.

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