What Makes a Great Scrum Master?

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Scrum Masters are the leaders of modern workplaces. As more and more companies adopt the Agile methodology, Scrum Masters gain importance. They help companies adopt the Scrum values and build a working environment for everyone. Below are some of the must-have qualities a good Scrum Master should have:

An Excellent Scrum Master...

Involves the team in the decision-making processes

A great Scrum Master recognizes the importance of collective decision-making. He/she knows that every team member is unique and brings something to the table. Hence, he/she involves his/her team in his/her decision-making processes.

It allows him/her to see an issue from different viewpoints and consider different opinions and solutions. Involving the team in the decision-making process helps the Scrum Master make better-informed decisions and reduce the chances of error.

Resolves team conflicts

A Scrum Master must have strong interpersonal skills. He/she should know how to gauge situations and react accordingly. Scrum Masters are responsible for their team and if a conflict arises, they must use their management and interpersonal skills to resolve the same.

A Scrum Master must understand the reason behind the conflict, analyze it, and resolve it amicably. Such expertise helps him/her manage his/her team effectively and keep it on track.

Is courageous

A skilled Scrum Master knows the importance of difficult decisions. Some changes are necessary no matter how risky they seem. So, a Scrum Master knows how to analyze situations and make courageous decisions. He/she makes disruptive changes that drive growth without causing irreparable damage.

Is expandable and necessary

A Scrum Master with a strong grasp over Agile principles knows that he/she must be expendable. He/she shouldn’t be required in every process and the team should be able to function without him/her. However, his/her expertise and experience make him/her indispensable. Without the Scrum Master, the team would not be able to come together and function effectively. His/her guidance and knowledge are vital to helping the team achieve its goals.

Believes in self-organization

A skilled Scrum Master knows the power of teams that can organize themselves. They believe in making their team independent. An independent team can handle its issues and takes ownership of its work. It would not rely on the management to perform most of its tasks and make decisions on different topics by itself.

An independent team’s members take responsibility for their actions and understand that their work should come together to achieve a common goal.

How to become a Scrum Master?

To become a skilled Scrum Master, you will need to have a keen understanding of the Agile methodology and its various principles. You must also know how to apply it in the workplace and lead your team effectively.

The best way to learn these skills and concepts is by getting a business analyst certification. Earning a business analyst certification will help you learn about the various skills required to become a Scrum Master. It will also help you become a sought-after candidate among recruiters as they are constantly on the lookout for certified professionals.

If you want to start your career quickly, then it would be best to join a business analyst course with placement. A business analyst course with placement will make it easier for you to get a job after completing your business analytics training.

Certainly, a career as a Scrum Master can be highly lucrative. These professionals lead teams in Agile processes. And, as the Agile methodology becomes more popular, the demand for skilled Scrum Masters will increase accordingly. If you want to get Agile business analytics training, then you can check out this course: Post Graduate Program for Agile Business Analyst

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