Imarticus Game Studio: The Six-Step Formula For Success

Earlier, most companies were sceptical about the idea of training through video games. That is a thing of the past now as more and more companies are realising the purpose behind game-based solutions- to educate employees better. Video games are just a tool to achieve this goal quickly and efficiently. This article will discuss how Imarticus Game Studio can help organisations in implementing successful game-based solutions.

Identify the goals

First things first, map out and prioritise the needs of an organisation, employees and target audience. Once these demands are identified, it will be easier to identify the goals. Organisations should think of the results they would want to achieve through game-based solutions. That will give clarity about the goals before moving into the development stage. Experts from Imarticus Game Studio will provide all the guidance required to make decisions. With their help, companies will be able to build an effective narrative.

Plan the environment

After identifying the game goals, it is time for the organisation to define the space where the game action will take place. As for this question- if the game was supposed to take place in person, what would the space look like? The idea is to virtually give employees a sense of real-life office situations and environments. Brainstorm with Imarticus Game Studio's expert team and find out elements that would give the employees this experience.

Decide on the Platform

Choosing the platform is a crucial decision because it determines the success of the game-based solution. Each platform has its own levels of complexity and can incorporate various features.  So, make sure to choose the platform that best fits the business needs. PC, mobile, web etc. are some of the common platforms for game-based solutions. Imarticus Game Studio will do the research and suggest the options. The organisation can choose the platform that will work best for them and their team.

Plot an engaging storyline

New challenges should come the way of employees as they progress in the game. These challenges should reflect the learning objectives of the game. A lot of thinking and careful planning should go on into deciding these challenges. Keep in mind that the players receive feedback and guidance based on how they perform in these challenges. They are also to be rewarded after the completion of each task. Hence, it's vital that they receive the right tasks at the right time in their virtual learning journey. Remember to develop an engaging scenario which has a clear beginning, middle and end. Imarticus Game Studio can help in achieving this goal.

Select intuitive interfaces and controls

One thing to be taken care of while building a game-based solution is that players should understand how to work with the controls easily. This way, they can focus on the challenges rather than spending additional time understanding how the game works. Clunky controls and usability issues will make the employees frustrated and disinterested in the game. One of the primary objectives of game-based solutions is to keep the employees engaged and not distracted. Ensure that the purpose and uses are clearly communicated and its effects can be reflected in the game. Imarticus Game Studio will make sure that the employees have the best experience while participating in the game-based training.

Develop a strategic game plan

The last step is to come up with a strategic game plan and a clear set of rules. This ensures that the game is designed with some serious strategies and that the results from challenges reflect those strategies. Define every parameter, including the resources employees have access to and how much they can win or lose. This process is simplified when companies have a set of well-defined goals in hand.

Key Takeaway

Using the benefits of game-based solutions to the organisation's advantage is important in becoming an industry leader. Now that companies know the Imarticus Game Studio's six-step formula to success, get in touch with their experts. To learn more about game-based learning solutions, visit Imarticus Learning.

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