IIT Courses For Working Professionals – Learning Opportunities For Young Scientists and Engineers

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TechJury recently surveyed over 2500 companies. The survey was aimed at assessing the impact of training programs on business success. The results showed that companies with comprehensive training programs increased revenue per employee by 218%. The same study also showed that IBM saved $200 million by switching to online learning.

Training of working professionals through online courses has grown to now rival instructor-led training. Online learning offers the convenience of self-paced learning. The participants can learn from anywhere. That has made it popular. A research.com report found that 58 per cent of employees preferred to learn at their own pace and 49 per cent of employees preferred to learn when they felt it necessary.

Online learning is expected to experience strong growth. According to an Allied Market Research report, the global online learning industry valued at $190 billion in 2020 will grow at a CAGR of 17.5% to $840 billion by 2030.

Training Young Scientists and Engineers

Young scientists and engineers represent a vast pool of talent. They play a key role in the new knowledge-driven economy. They have specialised training needs to be innovators and creators.

The special training needs for young scientists and engineers include:

  • Real-world Training.The training of young scientists often fails to equip them with the skills required for their responsibilities after they reach a permanent position. This gap can be filled by using industry experts to impart the training.
  • Assessments. The assessment process needs to be tailored to the special needs of scientists and engineers. This would improve their career development and the effectiveness of the training.
  • Training Content. Often the training for scientists and engineers is very generic. It fails to foster original thinking and innovation. Organisations should not adopt a cookie-cutter approach while training scientists and engineers. Instead, the training should be personalised to their very specific requirements.

IIT courses for working professionals are a convenient means of enhancing the skills of young scientists and engineers. The courses are designed to enable in-depth understanding. The courses are tailored to the needs of young scientists and engineers and provide complete scheduling flexibility. The courses help impart core skills and also bring about mindset and attitudinal change.

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The world of science and technology is in a constant state of flux. Business needs also change with the changes in technology. Scientists and engineers are expected to keep pace with these changes. They need to continually upgrade their competencies to grow personally and also grow the organization.

For the training of young scientists and engineers to be effective, it needs to be relevant to their role. Also, the content needs to be continually updated.

Professional courses by IIT help organisations get the best out of their young scientists and engineers. Investing in their training equips them to work on and attain the most challenging technology and business goals.

Managed online learning partnerships are on the rise. IIT courses for working professionals offered by Imarticus Learning help businesses stay updated with the latest developments in technology. It helps them gain a competitive edge in the current ultra-competitive business environment.

They are an ideal partner for all the learning needs of organisations. Imarticus Learning is a learning delivery organisation with the expertise and experience of working across industry verticals. The courses offered cover a wide range of subjects from technology, analytics and AI, and supply chain to financial services.

Through its programs, Imarticus has trained over 35,000 professionals from leading firms. The firms that have used courses offered by Imarticus Learning include IBM, KPMG, Genpact, Moody’s Analytics, Motilal Oswal, etc.

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