The top 5 challenges in making a sustainable career in financial services and capital markets.

advanced management program in capital markets

The finance industry often undergoes a radical shift from time to time. With dynamic business models and mounting regulations, the changes are constant, especially in capital markets. Because of its dynamic nature, it is important to keep up with the changes and adapt to those changes to bud as a successful individual in this field.

Here we have listed out some of the challenges that one might face in building a sustainable career in Financial Services and Capital Markets

What Are Financial Services and Capital Markets? 

Although these two terms almost overlap at times, there are basic distinctions between these two terms. Financial services encompass a broader section and venues where people and organisations exchange all kinds of assets and contracts with each other. These take place mainly in the primary markets where traders and investors subsequently buy and sell these to one another. On the other hand, capital markets focus on fundraising usually for a firm for its operations and growth. 

Making a Sustainable Career in Financial Services and Capital Markets: Top 5 Challenges 

Making a career in financial services and capital markets is rewarding. However, there are certain challenges you might have to face while driving towards success in this career. Here we have jotted down 5 of them to give you a heads-up about how to proceed with your future endeavors. 


Businesses are generally intertwined with the concept of ESG concerns. ESG is now not just a niche for sustainability, but a lifestyle. With the rise of cyber crime incidents, there is a risk to the financial companies, which has threatened the business significantly. Digitalisation has come to our lives as a blessing and a curse. According to Trellix, the financial services industry was targeted the most by cybercriminals in the third quarter of 2021. Hence, this poses a major threat to a career in financial services. 

Third-Party Disruption With Business Interruption 

Risk management is an important aspect of financial services. Outsourcing business interruptions to mitigate any risk in the company plays a vital role in a successful business. In financial services, operational resilience is more crucial than anything else. Hence mitigation of third-party disruptions plays a vital role in building forward a successful business. 

Legislative Restrictions 

Since business administration is a dynamic quality, it often changes with the change in time. The legislative administration and practices change from time to time. It comes up with different restrictions and regulations for businesses and hence the business has to adapt to them accordingly. These restrictions modulate the methods of flourishing in financial services. 

Asymmetrical Information 

Asymmetric information occurs strictly in the capital market. The buyer or the seller is privy to this information for any investment, be it historical, current or any kind of future performance taking place in the public. When asymmetric information is misused for one's vested interest, it becomes accessible to companies which often leaves imbalances in the capital markets. 

Agent and Principle Problems 

One of the biggest problems in a capital market is the agent and principal dilemma. There are conflicting priorities between an asset owner and the representative authorised by the act. This can cause a serious drift in creating a career in capital markets. 

Why Should a Person Take Up a Financial Services and Capital Markets Course?

IIM Lucknow Certificate course provides a lucrative opportunity to excel in your career in financial services and capital markets. A career in this field is like a dream come true. There are handsome salaries and high-demand jobs in this sector if you have the required skill set. This course enables you to understand the role of financial markets and the major security trading hacks in this market. You can gain keen insights to make use of financial markets under any degree of uncertainty. 

On the other hand, understanding the trends of capital markets enables growth. This is a very powerful driver of economic growth and wealth creation. This has reduced the risks and expenses that further facilitated the acquisition of more financial capital because of its flamboyant reliable market where funding can be obtained. 

The Advanced Management Program in Financial Services is one of the IIM Lucknow Certificate Courses which lasts six months and provides a window for pursuing a successful career in the field of financial services. The tech-driven learning experience enables the aspirants to apply their conceptual knowledge to real-life business scenarios. 


If you want to do a course on how to build a successful career in financial services and capital markets, check out IIM Lucknow Certificate Courses in Advanced Management Program in Financial Services on Imarticus Learning. It is a lucrative opportunity for you with lots of scopes. Check out their website right away! 

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