How to Start a Career in the Blockchain?

Career In Blockchain

In the past three years, blockchain has presented itself as the next generation solution for many of the problems faced by the tech world. Recognising its potential, various governments and industry titans have provided powerful endorsement to this technology. Blockchain was developed as an underlying technology for cryptocurrencies, and right now it is being adapted to a large number of industries.
Health care, financial technology, real estate, supply chain, logistics and education are a few sectors who are adopting this technology to make an improvement. With demand for blockchain rising day by day, the career opportunities are also looking very bright. The TechCrunch report suggests that there are 14 job opening for each blockchain developer. So, how do we prepare for this huge opportunity lying ahead? We will discuss in this article.

Education in the Blockchain Technology

Since the blockchain is still in its early stage of development, the career path in this technology is going to be very different from others. With blockchain continuously evolving, you will have to improve your skills regularly. The following steps will help you start a good career in the blockchain.
Understanding The Basic Concepts

The understanding of its unique value proposition is the basic building block of blockchain education. Features such as decentralisation, smart contracts and Dapps are not just buzzwords. They are the elements of the blockchain. An intimate understanding of these features is necessary for a successful career in the blockchain. Technical skills such as JavaScript for website development and Solidity for the development of smart contract can be beneficial to excel in Fintech career.
Some Cryptography Lessons
Cryptography has been picking up popularity with more and more assets moving online. Blockchain’s ability to protect and secure online assets is primarily a function of cryptography. Organisations are seeking skilled cryptographers to upscale their cybersecurity. A high-level Cryptography course from any reputed online sources will equip you with the necessary skills for this.

Distributing Computing Theory And Its Applications

With reliability and security emerging as most pressing worries, distributed computing is the solution offered by blockchain. Even though the applications are limitless, the technology is not yet ready for commercial use. The deployment of this tech is delayed by the excessive energy consumption of these systems and so many other issues such as scalability. But, as a student of blockchain technology, you will have to understand this technology and develop solutions for its successful implementation.

Reach Out the Blockchain Community

There are hundreds of cryptocurrency projects happening around. You can use them as an on-job-training mechanism. Reach out to some reputable, verifiable start-ups and provide your service and intake the valuable lessons from these experiences. Starting this way will give you the leverage of both work experience and networking with the right people from the industry.

Make Your Own Path

The blockchain job market offers a huge amount of opportunities, with a proper skillset and attitude anyone can make use of it. Rather than investing years at an academic institute, the DIY steps above will help you find a prominent position in the ongoing blockchain revolution.

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