How to pursue quantum computing as a course?

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Quantum computing is the application of quantum theory to computer science. Quantum computing is used in a wide range of industries, including investment banking, security, finance, military affairs and intelligence, drug development, aircraft design, polymer design, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), vast data searching, and digital manufacturing.

Entanglement and superposition are two properties of quantum mechanics that allow quantum algorithms to solve problems that cannot be solved by traditional computing methods. Additionally, programming skills are needed for creating the quantum computing hardware and software that are used in quantum computing.

So, whether you want to pursue a course with quantum computing in investment banking or any other sector, let us look at how to get started! 

Programming skills required for Quantum Computing 

Quantum algorithms are designed to take advantage of the unique properties of quantum mechanics, such as entanglement and superposition, to solve problems that would be impossible to solve using traditional computing methods. Programming skills are necessary for developing and implementing these quantum algorithms. 

According to research, most quantum technology companies employ workers who can speak the following languages:

  • Python
  • C++
  • C#
  • Matlab
  • Java

Quantum Computing Jobs in 2023

Five quantum computing jobs one can pursue-

  • Research
  • Engineering
  • Software Development 
  • Education 
  • Marketing

What academic background is required to become a Quantum Computer Scientist?

Despite being used by researchers in a number of technical advances, quantum computing is still essentially a theoretical field. Additionally, a degree in a general subject is ineligible for this field. You need to have due knowledge in Data Science, Engineering, Maths and Physics.

The following are the prerequisites for getting started with your quantum computing course : 

  •  A bachelor's degree programme, in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, or another science major.
  • A doctorate or master's in Quantum Physics and Engineering for further specialization.

What is the average wait time for a job in Quantum Computing?

It can take you six to nine years if you're a total newcomer to the field to find employment. You'll need to earn a bachelor's, master's, and probably a doctoral degree in addition to doing several research projects.

It can take you an additional six to twelve months if you decide to enroll in coding boot camps to receive some practical instruction in disciplines like software engineering and artificial intelligence.

Skills required to pave a career in Quantum Computing 

Mathematical - Linear algebra and probability theory are two fields of mathematics that play a significant role in describing and studying the behavior of a quantum computer.

Basic electronic knowledge- We can argue that quantum computing has three main layers because it is, after all, a computer field: algorithmic, software, and hardware. If you choose to work in this sector, you'll undoubtedly feel compelled to focus on one of these topics in particular.

Interest-. How might quantum technology improve upon what we already have? A fundamental requirement for entering quantum computing is curiosity, which in turn stimulates interest.

Physics and analytics- Quantum computers use quantum physics and mechanics phenomena, such as entanglement and quantum superposition, to solve problems in a different way than conventional computers. To create applications for a quantum computer, a programmer must first understand how a quantum computer operates. This requires some knowledge of physics as well as the mechanics of how quantum algorithms operate.

Programming- You'll most likely need a basic understanding of programming to get started with quantum computing in the current environment. There are specification programming languages that are solely intended for use with quantum computers. Nevertheless, they resemble current classical programming languages to make the switch to quantum much simpler.

One of the most popular programming languages for quantum computers nowadays is Python. Many companies, including IBM and Google, have made Python packages available that may be used to understand the fundamentals of quantum computing and develop various algorithms.


As a result of today's technological and data-driven climate, investment bankers' tasks are both straightforward and varied. In order to boost productivity and aid business growth, they are now expected to have a variety of software skills. Currently, there are a number of short courses and certification courses available to help you learn everything about quantum computing and succeed in your career. 

To pursue a career in investment banking, check the Certified Investment Banking Operations Professionals course by Imarticus if you're interested in learning investment banking. This 180-hour curriculum is meant to provide you with a thorough understanding of intricate financial issues and various operational hazards and laws. It gives experimental learning modules as well as job-specific skills. It is an internationally recognized certificate that will be beneficial for the candidate. 

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